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I was wondering what people are paying to get their wedding dress altered. I bought my dress in a sample sale and I need it to be taken in and shortened. I spoke to one alterations place and they said the standard cost is £150. Are people paying similar to this?





  • My dress was a sample too and I'm paying about £215 which includes:

    - Taking up (4 layers) £90

    - Taking in by about 4' £60

    - Cleaning £30

    - Storage £35

    - Veil Dying (using my mum's white veil with an ivory dress!) £30

    You'll notice that that adds up to a bit more, she's throwing in the cleaning for free as it came ot so much.

    Hope that helps!

  • Also worth adding one of my BM needs the straps on her dress shortened which is £20, the other is basically having every single seam redone for £95.

  • I have been quoted ??250 to take in beaded lace dress at the bust and waist by a couple of sizes....damn hips!!! and also to take up the length (about 3 layers of lace and tulle). I'm sure I could get it cheaper but the seamstress has made two of my friends wedding dresses and comes recommended.
  • Hi, I had my dress shortened by about 8 or 9 inches.. I am sooo short lol. I also had beading moved and straps/ribbons added to enable my train to be hooked up for the evening, I paid ??108 image

    I also had a bridesmaid dress taken in, this cost ??18.

  • Thank you for all your responses. Really helpful. ??150 doesn't seem too bad then in terms of general pricing x
  • I only paid ??50 and that included having my bridesmaid dress taken up and the my wedding dress taken in from a size 12 to a size 8, it is the Justin Alexander 8465 and has a lot of detail and layers
  • I bought my dress yesterday and was told to have it taken in and taken up slightly it wouldn't be any more than ??60 x
  • i have used sooo many seamstresses in the shop and tend to find that you get what you pay for

    i have found that for a good bridal seamstress you are looking at setting a budget aside of about £100-250 for work - obviously the more your dress needs doing the higher the cost - just to give you the background our seamstress charges by the hour for her work (she puts estimates together based on how long things normally take her) and she is £15 per hour and generally works on dresses between 10-20 hours for normal amount of alterations, i honestly would never have expected it to take so long for a dress to be altered and just wanted to share that a lot of these seamstresses are undervalued as they really do work hard on the dresses

    however be careful we have a great seamstress (i know the industry and i will let her do my dress over many designers) and she has quoted people for work at half the cost of other seamstresses therefore if it is more than £250 for a little amount of work shop around is my advice xxx

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    It depends on the part of the country you are in, London being the most expensive, and where you take it, specialist shops being more too, but you get what you pay for.  Typically sole seamstresses, working from home, will be 50% less than retail, or sometimes less, working from home.  But do they come recommended?  Do they have insurance? Can they work to deadline?  What if it goes wrong?  Will you be adequately compensated?  Will you have a dress ready for the day?

    Shopping around is good advice, but visit a specialist first. Consultations can be as little as £30 for half an hour, and you can get no obligation quotes in such sessions. are leaders and will always give sound advice as well as indicative costs.

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    Have you ever thought to try the alteration service online. They are cheap but time taking. 

  • I have been quoted £90 to alter the back of my dress from a corset to a zip and size down from 12 to 8. Not sure yet if I will need the length alterating but if I do it will be £120 but that is because my dress has a lace edging around the bottom and it is beaded through so the beading will have to be unpicked to take off the lace to alter the hem and then everything back on. Trying to find big enough heels to avoid this!

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    Wow Michelle - that's cheap!  Who quoted this?  Was it sight unseen?

    Ivette - can you give details of alterations online?  How does it work?  How can they do a proper alteration and fit without seeing the dress and you in the dress?

    Going back to Alison A, £15 per hour is about right for someone working from home.  But there's no insurance or come-back unless you know the person.

  • No I went in with the dress.  The shop I got my dress from recommended them but said I'd be better leaving my alterations to a couple of months before the wedding.  Being the worrier that I am I wanted to be sure that it could be done so I made an appointment to go in and try the dress on to get the reassurance from the seamstress.

    She was really thorough in discussing the options as there were several things I had in mind so I certainly left happy that she knew what she was doing.  She is also going to make me buttons to go down the back of the zip out of the extra material for 65p per button

    To add this is North West so obviously I am getting a better deal than I would in London!




  • Hi ladies, I’ve also got a sample dress and I didn’t think it needed much alteration but they’ve said need shoulder adjustment, bodice adjustment and length adjustment and this is costing £275 in total. I’m having the alterations done by the bridal shop so the price includes two fitting appointments, storage of the dress and final pressing prior to collection, she also advised they are insured too. Compared to everyone else’s mine seams quite expensive but was too scared to go anywhere else and the MIL2B said best to use the bridal shop as they know what they’re doing, she paid for my dress and my deposit on the alterations so I just went with it!
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    I had length altering, straps taken up, small let out on the bodice and bustle added, cost £135. I used the recommended seamstress suggested by the bridal shop 
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    This is a post from 2012, bumped by a scammer!
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    I was quoted £45 as I only need a small amount taken in and the bustle. As I was the perfect bridal height of 5'10 I dont need any length (in fact I almost had to add some for £300 when it was made but I am taking the flat shoe route!). 

    Its frustrating that when they take your measurements they wont make the dress to length there and then. I mean none of us are getting any taller and when they measure you they ask you to bring shoes with so ensure it is indeed long enough. 

    I am finding a smaller boutique to do mine now as Berketex originally quoted me when I got my dress but have found someone local who makes dresses and as my dress is a fine organza i want to ensure the person knows their stuff and not just a woman and sewing machine, 
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