Videographers? Recommended and good prices?

Hi all We've been quoted ??2000 for wedding videography (guests 300) - does anyone have any recommendations? Wedding is in Bromley, Kent (just outside of London).., Thank you! Xx


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    They look great! Thank you for the recommendation! I'll definitely be checking them out image x
  • I have to say that I was incredibly happy with my videographer and think the film is beautiful and better than my photos. It's really classy but also modern. His name is Toby Sleigh-Johnson and he's not too far in Southend. He's also defintiely cheaper than £2k!!!

  • I agree with wendy. I am using him and he has done so many of my friends videos xxx
  • I am just starting in do wedding videographie and my prices dont go over £400


    here is the sort of style of work you will exccept

    contact me on [email protected]

  • that includes the whole day , everything !

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    Hi, I used Toby Sleigh-Johnson too (same as Jane above) and he was amazing. Here's our trailer to our DVD, we honestly couldnt have been happier with his work... There's more examples on his website too, and he offers a few different packages at great rates.


  • £1200-£2400 sounds ok for high end stuff.

  • Themichaelvfx is that actually your video? Doesn't seem to be at all! Done by two talented people called Aaron and Haley.... who are based in America...

    While I'm here - I shoot Wedding Films

  • That is the style of my work ! Not my work, the type of theme.

  • Hi everyone,

    We also booked Inlinefilm for our wedding last year and the were amazing, we customised our package so we could have everything we wanted captured. Very happy with the results!


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    MrsChez2b, I'm glad you liked Toby. My brother is getting married now and I wouldn't be suprised if my future sister-in-law books him too. She's watched my wedding film even mroe than I have! image

  • Once Upon A Time Films - Nationwide Wedding Videographers Based In The North East!


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    Photographs are great, of course, but actually being able to hear the vows, the speeches and the laughter, to really see and feel the happiness, joy and love shared
    by all in attendance is truely priceless!

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  • I film weddings on HD or Super 8mm.  I can do a better deal on either if you are getting married this Spring.

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