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Hi! I just registered as we recently got engaged and started the wedding venues search process!

I wanted to ask few questions if anyone here can help:

1. I saw my dream wedding dress on a website online. The price is reduced to £115 which is great! However I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these dresses in terms of quality/look? Do they look as cheap as they cost? The reviews on the site seems great but I feel really nervous in buying it online.

2. Any suggestions for wedding venue in berkshire and surroundings...our budget would be around 5K for a package with drinks and food included....

I love Rivervale Barn, but its a little over budget...



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    I have usually found that if something is cheap, its cheap for a reason, but there are lots of brides who have bought off of discount/chinese websites and got their dream dresses for a fraction of the cost. If you cant afford the full price of your dream dress, then maybe look on sites like preloved? In reality most dresses are only worn for a few hours and after a dry clean they are like new! Plus you should try the style on before committing to a dress as what you think you like and what you actually end up liking can be different!

    With regards to the venue, i cant help much there are we are in Bucks and only looked in this area, but we did look on the council website which listed all the local venues in bucks, and we used that to get info on numbers/services as a starting point. Other than that, Google will be the best bet!

  • We went to a barn wedding reception at Ufton Court which was beautiful - near Reading, not sure how much it was though...

  • ah thank you!

    yes I see what you mean about the dress, I am trying some on this saturday for the first time...I heard so many brides that ended up with something they would have never thought of! I feel pretty set on it but definitely looking forward to trying some on!

    Ufton Court..its on our list for venues booked to view, looks amazing from the pics and cant wait to see it. image



  • 1. Be careful ordering on-line; some brides are very very pleased with their dresses, others less so. And, at the risk of sounding like a terrible snob, I also think it depends on what you want. MOST (and I stress most, not all) replica dresses I've seen tend to scrimp on details eg using sequins instead of beads and crystals. I personally would also worry about the fabric quality and weight (I wanted really good quality fabric esp as I was getting lace, and I wanted the dress to have 'weight' to it; lighter ones just didn't feel right to me); having sequins instead of beads/crystals, etc would have massively bugged me. If you do go down this route, try to get personal recommendations and use someone trustworthy.

    Other options for reasonably priced dresses are sample sales (discounts can be huge), Kitty and Dulcie (they have just a couple styles, bu the prices are really good), and high-street stores like Coast, Phase 8, John Lewis, etc.

    2. We're getting married at the Forbury Hotel in Reading, and I didn't think the price was too bad (£6k minimum spend on food and drink, plus all bedrooms must be booked (so if your guests are unlikely to pay to stay then obv this could bump the price up; we're hoping we'll get rid of the rooms without any issues). It isn't the biggest venue though (52 for the wedding breakfast, and that's with losing the top table). Most we looked at were in a similar price-bracket; but I'd suggest going to a website like and literally trawling through every venue in Berkshire, and also possibly surrounding counties. I won't lie, it is hugely tedious and time-consuming, but I'm glad I did it, as I knew I'd seen pretty much everything on offer. I did it by instantly discounting some (eg they might have been way too big, or too small, or just not to my taste), then those I liked, I looked at their websites, and contacted them for a quote. We then visited about a dozen 'in the flesh'.

    Also look at village halls etc if you want a cheaper venue, or local restaurants, or places like community centres and sports club. Typically, this will save a small fortune, and can also afford you much more flexibilty in terms of catering etc, but it can mean more work for you in terms of decorating the venue, organising catering etc.

  • What would your budget be for a dress?  TK Maxx sell wedding dresses online and have some proper designer label gear and at least with them you know it's genuine. They've got limited stock but it might be worth checking out as an alternative to the Chinese stores.

  • Hi Ilaria,

    Have you had any luck finding your venue yet?

    I am lucky to have been to heaps of gorgeous local places as I'm a local photographer so may be able to help.


    If it is a barn you like then Lillibooke in Maidenhead is very pretty, near there is Tythe Barn, Wasing Park near Newbury is lovely too also or Monks Barn in Hurley may all be worth a look.

    Happy hunting! It is worth visiting lots and you'll know when you find the right one.

    Hannah x

  • Eternally grateful to any brides who could fill out a quick 5min survey on the wedding industry in Wales for my dissertation...

    You'd be helping a very stressed student out more than you would believe!

    Thank You xx

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