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Booked our wedding for Aug 2013 at the start of Jan 2012, so obviously we based our budget on the brochure they had at the time which obviously contained 2012 prices.

I did anticipate prices to go up a little, maybe 2% - 4%.... but theyve just released their prices for 2013 & everythings gone up at least 10%, is that normal?

The venue is a family run/independant type venue so theyve always been a bit lapse on paperwork, despite me chasing them repeatedly, so we dont really have a contract, just a terms & conditions leaflet, but nothing is mentioned about prices, its more just to cover them in events of cancellation, standard stuff really.

10% is at least another £700 were going to have to find now image


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    We went back to our venue on Saturday to get our 2013 price - we were told from the start that our initial quote (in 2011) would go up, and i'm almost certain (without checking my forms) they said it would be about 10%. Lucky for us our numbers had changed since the initial quote too, so we've actually saved about £1000 with our new quote. 

    If they didnt tell you how much the costs would go up when you booked, i would question it with them. Got nothing to lose and possibly £700 to save! xx

  • I would say its normal we booked last yeat and it was 2013-2014 price so we already paid the increase dont think theres anything you can do either
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    Like MrsA2Be1 has said, you should definitely query the price increase with them as you could find that the venue is more than willing to honour the 2012 prices. However, without a contract setting out what the agreement was, you might struggle to argue this.

    Our venue has put its prices up twice since we booked in August 2011. We checked our contract and it clearly says that the price applicable at the date of the wedding is that which we will have to pay. As a solicitor I probably should have picked up on this and realised that it might get expensive - clearly I got swept away by it all! We asked the venue if they would freeze the price we would have to pay at the 2012 prices, which was £700 more than when we booked. The venue was great and they agreed to do this. If we had to pay 2013 prices, our budget would have to go up by another £1,000, i.e. £1,700 from when we booked.

    Good luck getting it sorted. Just remember you've got nothing to lose so don't feel like you're being cheeky by asking!

  • Im an accountant so i should of def been on top of the prices, but like nenjen says you get swept up in it all.

    Another thing theyve changed (aswell as the prices) is the menu choices.  Before it was a list of about 8 starters/mains/deserts & you could pick & choose/mix & match. The new 2013 menus there are 2 choices of each which is quite limited for a picky eater like myself.  I dont even like any of the puddings on offer.  If the menus had been like this when we booked, we would of chosen a different venue.

    I think ill def get in touch, even if we end up having to pay the increased prices, maybe they could give us a little more menu choice

  • we had this with our church- but i said we paid our deposit on the old price, then they reduced it back down for us x

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    Hiya Loulou,

    Have a good read of the T&C's and anything else that you have from them when you booked it - I think that this will be the best place to start for sure.   As much as I can understand a possible increase in cost, not forewarning you and then the complete change of menu is really unreasonable - after all - that's a reason why you booked it!

    Also, make sure that they give you a proper contract before they do anything else, so that you have your booking and details set in stone.

    Good luck x

  • Thanks MrsJ2b6 - we had a meeting with the venue the other week & they met us half way....they said we could still choose from the old menus if we wanted to but they couldnt really do anything about the price increase.  They did knock some more money off the drinks package tho.

    Still not best pleased, but its better than nothing

  • MrsJ2b6MrsJ2b6 Posts: 33

    Glad to hear they were willing to compromise in some part - I'm sure it will still be a fantastic day for you both. 

    We're starting to think about the venue now, (well - the entire wedding in general!) and everything I have read here is going to be kept fresh in my mind when looking at contracts image

  • If you are having any paper proof or any recipt regarding the booking and prices then you can go for a legal action. Otherwise it is really tough to get it work.

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    All the venues i talked to said there was about a 10% increase year on year, which put us off a lot! We have gone for a village hall instead as we knew they wouldn't have the same increases. 

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