We are having our wedding in a hotel and the price of meals is just killing our budget. How much are paying pp for sit down meal?


  • Mrs M xMrs M x Posts: 259

    Hi Dainty,

    I think our sit down meal is approx £45 pp and the evening buffet is £12.50 pp, but we're from up north and things seem to be a lot cheaper round these parts!

    What have you been quoted?

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    Ours is about £50pp for three courses and £10 for the evening. Again, I'm up north! x

  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743
    Mine is exactly the same princess umpalumpa. 20 pound for drinks package on top of that too though.

    I'm from north too, where are yous getting married?
  • The BrideThe Bride Posts: 60
    ??73 for the day and ??20 for the evening here in Wales. Eek! But children's meals are only ??20 so that's not so bad as numbers go.
  • for us it is around £30 for the dinner £17 drinks package and £12 for the evening buffet - need to find out about childrens menu but I will assume around £20! It is where they make the big bucks I think!!!

  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743
    Wow, very expensive! How many guests you having? It's making me not want to invite ppl coz its too much!
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    Ugh, too much! But its worth it. 3 courses plus wine, tea coffee and soft drinks and champagne for toasts and a drinks reception drink = £86.50. Evening food £16.95 Free extra drinks for guests during reception = £15 per head. 

    Kids under 6 eat free and children up to 12 are 1/2 price image

  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743
    It's the drinks packages I think are over priced. Meeting with venue in August so going to see if we still have to get drinks package for people who don't drink alcohol coz otherwise its a waste of money.

    Still expensive but you're doing we'll at ??30 Jessica!
  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    The drinks packages were ridiculous at our venue for the amount of drinks we wanted to put on about £25 a head. We've ended up providing our own champagne for the reception drinks and toasts as it works out cheaper - £15 corkage and £16.50 for Lanson champagne which we bought when it was on offer recently. The venue wanted £45 for a bottle of house champagne (i.e. not very nice champagne!) so we're saving quite a bit. I think it's working out at about £1,900 for all of the wine and champagne for 100 guests which sounds expensive but it's still about £600 cheaper than it would have been if we'd gone for the venue's own champagne.

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    I'm up North to and paying £55.00ph for the sit down and £9.95ph for the evening and although we have 300 people invited we are only catering for 180 at night.  Feeding people is so expensive, god help anyone that complains about the meal xx

  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743
    Doesn't help our guest list being one sided. I've got about 10 ppl on my side and if h2b invited all of his family it would be about 25 for his so he feels bit guilty putting the price up so much if he invited everyone. Anyone else got a one sided guest list?
  • Mrs M xMrs M x Posts: 259
    The drinks package they offered us was ??13 pp, but most of our day guests wont/dont drink wine/champers, so we're just going to put the equivilant cash behind the bar so they can choose their own drinks, namely bitter, lager & gin image

    Dainty, we're getting married at St James church in Hull. Were abouts are all you other northerners from/getting martied?
  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743
    We are at redworth hall in Darlington. Didn't even look around at other places which may have been about silly but it was where we spent our first anniversary and a few birthdays etc. love it!
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    We are paying £45 (ish - not made our final choices yet) for 3 courses, tea & coffee and petit fours. Our evening buffet is (I think) £9 per head, which is for roast pork rolls. Drinks packages are on top of that, and we're probably having the cheapest one, which is £27 per head with no option to pay corkage on our own wine either.

    We are getting married in Surrey, so I don't think there's that much of a north v south divide. More of an expensive v super-expensive divideimage

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Ours is very one sided, although i do count most of H2B's friends as mine now!

  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    Ours is fairly evenly split during the day, though I do have a couple more. I think, when we come to do the evening list, though, it will be 90% my guests!

  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560

    Wow, that is a lot!  We're paying £14.50pp for 2 courses (£7.95 for kids), taking our own table wine for £5 a bottle corkage and paying £13.95pp for the buffet.  I think it's worth asking if you can pay corkage rather than buy their drinks it's so much cheaper!

  • The BrideThe Bride Posts: 60
    We are rehashing our guest list as we speak, we both have big families and it is really difficult. Our venue don't offer much of a drinks package, I think there is an arrival drink and a glass of wine to toast so we are going to have to look at table wine. Dreading the corkage charges tbh!
  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743
    Think we have to use their drinks but for non alcohol drinkers I'm going to see if I can haggle price down, don't want to pay 20 pound for a couple glasses of orange or summit. Not meeting them till August n it just feels like a lifetime away when you've got so many questions!
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    Ours is £45pp (depending on food choices), that includes drinks.  We could upgrade the drinks package but as everyone else has said it is so expensive!  Kids are free up to 3 years, then £15 up to 10 years.  Evening is from £15pp (again depending on food choices). We are in Berkshire.

    Our guest are evenly split although the majority of mine are family and his are friends. (although like MrsBeau2B I count his friends as mine!)

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    Do these prices include venue hire? They do sound pricey! But I went for a venue with free catering options on purpose, and avoided the whole breakfast thing as I didnt want to get ripped off! I'm having afternoon tea sit down at £16.50 per head, and hog roast buffet with med veg, 3 salads and breads and potatoes at £18.50ph in evening. However tricky to compare as I'm providing all alcohol (afternoon price includes waitresses serving drinks and glasses and ice, evening paying for staff to stay but reasonable hourly rate per staff), and thats before VAT and hire of some kitchen stuff as venue is quite basic in kitchen department (room with sockets!)

  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560

    Yes mine is all inclusive as they don't charge a separate hire fee.  It comes to around £2200 for all food and drinks including the corkage charges.  The rest of our budget is being spent on clothes and decorations...We're in the South and that seems very reasonable for our area

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    Ours is ??35 pp for three course and drinks package ??11 pp which gives you a glass of Buck's Fizz on arrival, a glass of wine with meal and a glass sparkling wing to toast bride and groom. The evening buffet is ??12 per head and includes 6 different types of sandwiches and then a choice of five foods from a big list
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    Mine is min of £22 pp depending what menu choice you choose, children up to 4 are free, 5-13 are half the adult price. Evening is £10pp from ages 5 yrs and upwards x

  • Our sit down dinner is ??29.50 for starter, main and 2 different dessert canapes. Children's menu is ??7. Evening food is ??15 pp for hog roast and 3 salads. We don't have a drinks package as we have two venues but it works out at roughy ??20 pp for a glass of bubbly after the ceremony, Pimms welcome drink at reception venue, glass of prosecco for the toasts and a third of a bottle of wine pp x
  • Outside caterers are much cheaper than all the costs mentioned here.

    For example when choosing a village hall/marquee over a Wedding venue.

    There is no corkage charge so big savings on the wine/champagne.

    For example our 3 course Dinner menus start from £17.95 and five course luxury Wedding Breakfasts from £20.95

    Most outside caterers are family run businesses and do not charge VAT

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    agree with the above as although we're not having a sit down meal our hog roast is ??7pp with salads and buns and dressings then ??1.20pp for all the crockery and same for tea,coffee, hot choc table. he's doing a bar free of charge to us and the drinks are very cheap (like spoons pricing) to our guests and we're providing our own alcohol for the dinner from sainsburys which works out ??3.80 a bottle but paid for by nectar points

    we have had to pay for the land and marquee though so i guess it evens out a bit
  • barbie_86barbie_86 Posts: 626

    Food and drink are our biggest costs.

    Our food is costing £6 per head for 4 canapes, £49.50 a head for a 3 course wedding breakfast (with choice of steak, salmon or chicken for the main), and £15 a head for the evening buffet, and is coming in at about £4k (based on 52 covers for the day, and 75 for the evening).

  • Laura1Laura1 Posts: 71
    Our food is about ??20 a head for the day for canap??s, starter and main. All the food is locally sourced and ethically reared and very tasty.

    We are then going to have a dessert table with home made deserts.

    On top of that we are having an evening buffet for about 100 which I'm not sure what that'll come to but I'd guess a few hundred pounds.

    As our venue is self catering we are going to go to France to pick up our alcohol. We hope to spend about ??500 on it and will include wine, beer and some spirits. FIL is hoping to get our prosecco as well from Italy so we don't need to worry about that luckily.
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    Dainty Wonderland,

    I'm getting married at Redworth Hall the year after you and the food and drinks were killing our budget too, we managed to knock the drinks package down to I think its about £12 or £13 by taking out the bottle of wine on each table for the wedding breakfast, my guests will have a drink on arrival and for the toast but not a bottle of wine! We haggled with this though to try and get the prices down x


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