How much are you spending on your wedding rings.

Hello, Looking for some reassurance. Getting very negative comments about our ring budget from family. I want to spend a reasonable portion of the budget on our rings. As after the wedding day is over, all we will have left are the photos and the rings. For me I want to wear this ring hopefully for the next 60 years, surely we are better off getting what we want now. Hope much are you spending? X


  • ??425 for mine, ??725 for his both plain platinum bands xx
  • for both of ours it was about £850, but we used tesco clubcard vouchers for Goldsmiths, and only actually paid £190 image 

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524
    275 for mine and 750 for h2b's. Mine is a 2.5mm platinum band and his is a 5mm platinum band, both are plain but engraved inside x
  • SarahLouSarahLou Posts: 800

    We payed ??1650 for my full eternity platinum band- 1st one ever made in its design and ??1250 for my h2b 6mm platinum band.

    Like you I wanted a ring that would last forever hence why we paid a bit more.


  • MrsMcG2beMrsMcG2be Posts: 402

    I only want a thin platinum band and so will be looking for the cheapest version of that, however h2b has went mental on the ring budget! lol. He is not a ring wearer normally and so really wants to make sure he gets the perfect one as such his ring is costing approx £2300 but I don't mind because it is the only thing he really wants plus it is as you said one of the only things that will be there forever. His is a designer ring that he just fell in love with, it's gold but a bit unsual, in fact...


     We went and got some other quotes and because it is chunky it wasn't coming our much cheaper just to get a plain matt rose gold ring, which was his possible alternative. He is however working extra shifts so he can buy it ourwith our original budget.

  • Mrs McC 2BMrs McC 2B Posts: 674
    Ours were about ??1000 for both, they're going to be on oyr fingers forever hopefully so theyve got to be right..
  • CasamamaCasamama Posts: 123

    Hi sally,

    i agree, def best to spend a fair amount on rings in my opinion.  our wedding and honeymoon total is around £8000 and about £650 of that is the ring figure.  

    After much mind changing, we are getting fairly simple rings:

    im having an 18ct yellow gold 0.10 diamond ct pave set ring for me and mr casmama is having a 9ct yellow gold one.

    When we dont have a whole house to rennovate and when im back working (planning to return when our babes are at school in 3 years time!), l i will upgrade probably to a full eternity with stones that are more obvious and sparkly!

    Def go for a ring that will last.

  • CasamamaCasamama Posts: 123

    sorry, mine is 3mm and mid weight, mr casmama's is a light weight 5mm, so £650 for both is hopefully a good deal.

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    £485 together. ive got a 4mm shaped 9ct white gold band (£235). shes got a 6mm titanium band with engraving on the outside (£250). both are engraved on  the inside. im not that attached to the rings, i can see me damaging mine or loosing it so needing a new one. my husband will be my forever reminder of the wedding. 


    (i think i have this mentality because my mum is on her 4th wedding ring-same husband though) i probably will spend around £200 on a tattoo though which will be part of my wedding ring so you could add that price on i guess

  • Around ??290 for mine (18ct white gold, 3mm, flat) and ??310 for his (palladium, 5mm, flat). They are being made (and engraved) for us by a local jeweller who is fab (so anyone in Gloucestershire who wants a name please ask)
  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    ooh there are two threads the same - I posted on the other one! x

  • MrsPugMrsPug Posts: 626
    Around ??2000 for both. Both are plain platinum bands though, the eternity can come later!
  • PV 2013PV 2013 Posts: 244

    £1000 for both. Would like to think I can updgrade to full eternity ring in a few years but just didnt have the budget this time round

  • VicrafVicraf Posts: 23

    I totally agree with the only things that are left are the photos and rings, that was a fair amount for us. Mine was £2000 and his was £100 as he is just haveing it for the day and to keep not going to wear it.

  • RatThings2RatThings2 Posts: 676

    I think ours are going to be around £400 for both of them.

  • Tigger1978Tigger1978 Posts: 235

    Mine is going to be about £500-600 but as my engagement ring has quite a lot going on, I want a really slim platinum band.  If I had a more simple ring I would definitely want diamonds all the way round which will be a fortuneimage 

    I think you should get whatever you want and take their opinions with a pinch of salt - or just don't tell them!!! image

  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    Spending about £300 in total I think. Mine is £200 and H2B is yet to pick but will probs go cheaper than mine (Titanium or something) as he really isn't one to spend lots on jewellery.

  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    We haven't bought ours yet - at the moment we're having plain bands, mine will be 3mm lightweight 18ct white gold (about £250 ish), his will be about 5mm medium weight palladium (about £350), so about £600 total. We'll get them both engraved on the inside which might push the price up by another £50 overall.

    However, I keep having a hankering for a bit more bling, and I do quite fancy having a half-eternity band that is channel set with a few (very small!) baguette cut diamonds instead. If I do go for that, my ring will cost nearer to £650.

    I'm not sure we can justify the cost at the moment, though - plus, anything set with baguette cut stones that are sunk into the ring or channel set can't be resized, and in my heart I know that my weight flucutates to the extent that we'd be taking a bit of a risk if I did go for it.

    So, I reckon it will be the plain bands, and I'll lobby hard for a blingy eternity ring in October 2023image

  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560
    We've got both of ours from Goldfinger Ring Makers, mine is a 2mm shaped/ fitted 18ct white gold medium heavy court and his is same weight 5mm brushed finish in palladium. Came in under ??600. They do engraving for free if you want it but I don't think we are going to! They can make whatever you want & can highly recommend them...happy ring hunting those who haven't chosen yet!
  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride

    Eeek it's a hard one eh? I tried on a gorgeous one when we bought my engagement ring with diamonds round the band itself - although it wasn't ridiculously expensive and sat really well with my engagement ring - have seen some that don't rest well against each other lately and it ruins the whole effect. Might just go for it as don't think I'll be that fussed for an eternity ring! Not sure what my OH will want - he struggles to wear a watch without fiddling with it so not sure there is a lot of point in getting him anything expensive when there is a liklihood it'll get lost! xx

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    We are looking at around £2k for the both rings! As my super duper h2b bought me a tiffany and co engagement ring, i wanted a wedding ring to match so mine is £1750 and he is having one from a normal jewellers to umake it up to £2000 so £250. He will probably never wear it though being a pe teacher and rugby coach. The total works out to be a quarter of our wedding costs x

  • Miss_XMiss_X Posts: 263
    Mine is ??716 (less than 1/2 price in a sale!....i love a good bargain) and h2b had a ??250 voucher from work so that helped massively. He just wants a simple 18ct gold band for the smallest price possible though.....which works for me as we said we would buy each others lol image
  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    We thought along the same lines, and 20% of our small budget was spent on the rings.  We both wanted something that we would['t want to 'upgrade' ever, that we loved, and that we didn't htink 'I wish I had bought the more expensive one' every time we looked at each other's hands.  H2bs ring wasn't that pricey to be honest, but mine is a platinum eternity ring.  I saved a lot by buying from Blue Nile.  I wanted platinum for personal reasons, and wanted a full eternity so I knew it wasn't going to be cheap.  I think spending an extra couple of hundred pounds on a ring is worth it, if you think about a 'daily rate' for how long you plan to wear it. I have made cuts in lots of areas (supermarket cake not bespoke, very cheap disco, ebay for the bridesmaid dresses and for my shoes, ebay for most items for the wedding and reception, V istaprint invitations etc) because these things, though lovely, won't be on my hand every day for the rest of my life.





    But it's all about what YOU want - some people prefer less expensive rings and a 'bigger' big day, or for some people a designer dres is really important, or designer shoes or a three course sit down meal, or a live band - and fair play to them!  But for us, we wanted our rings to be just right.

    Ignore critics - it is your money and your day and your ring.image

  • glitter2707glitter2707 Posts: 350
    My ring is white gold & cost ??165, h2bs ring is palladium & cost ??520! :-O still it is about the only time we've spent more on him than me haha
  • TickleyJessTickleyJess Posts: 1,649

    I completely agree with Thirdthing - you should spend the money however you wish.  Plus, the rings will be with you for a very long time so you need to get them right.

    Mr Tickley spent £800 on a plain platinum band and I was a bit naughty in that I spent £2500 on a platinum eternity band with diamonds and sapphires.  I knew I wanted something a little bit different and luckily found a ring that was perfect x

  • Jenny2Jenny2 Posts: 15

    I'd just suggest going with one that you love, if you pay less for one you're not so keen on you'll probably just regret it and wish you'd have paid more, like you say it's forever! I try not to tell the whole truth about what I'm paying to family, they just always seem to screw up their noses whatever you tell themimage

  • rogesam27rogesam27 Posts: 98

    Mine is £350 from Goldsmiths, and am using £120 clubcard vouchers image H2B hasnt decided on his but will probably be around £100-150 he just wants  aplain band nothing fancy.x

  • Having been presented with my dream engagement ring from by H2B I wanted to buy our wedding rings myself and set aside a budget of £1000. I got our lovely bands from a wdding ring company called Wedding Rings Direct ( and am really happy with the rings. Their website is great as it's got lots of information about metal and sizing and shape etc which was really helpful. We went for plain bands in the end but got them engraved with the date of the wedding on the inside to add a personal. I can't wait to have it on my finger in five weeks time! image

  • we spent 500 on two 18crt gold rings - mine has 13 small diamonds in the top x - wa advised against getting full diamond becuase if your fingers swell and need to have the ring cut off for any reason - you will probably loose a few diamonds 

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    £650 on mine  and £450 on H2B's! Arrived into the shop this weekend and i love mine! Just need to stop myself trying it on all the time!




     Rubbish phone pics but you get the idea!

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