I cant find a decent phoographer who isnt extortionate!!!

Im in the greater manchester area, any suggestions? xx


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    They're so extortionate arent they? And there's no proof that they're any good. Anyone can buy a good camera and photoshop a good picture onto a website. image

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    Have a look on Groupon, I bought mine on there. Had a good look at their website and they looked good and they were currently exhibiting at the big wedding show in London. Cost me £399 for 8 hours and 800 images. The offer was then on there a few weeks later but the price had increased.

    I was prepared for a photographer to be one of our big expenses but to be honest, I can't tell one from another and it was getting a bit stresful so I took that offer and hopefully it'll be fine!

    Keep an eye on Groupon though, there have been a few on there

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    What's your budget and did you want photo albums included in the price? If you are getting married outside of season, don't be afraid to ask for a discount.



  • TBH Pinkstars I havent got a clue! They fill their packages with so much bumf that I dont even know what I need.

    I basically want coverage of bridal prep through to first dance (im getting ready at venue so it would only be an hour more). I want the photos on a dics so I can print as I need but I do want a few prints done by them with an album for us and smaller albums for both sets of parents.

    All the packages Ive found include thank you cards, engagement shoots etc and I dont want any of that : (

  • We almost hired Jonty at JAY Photographic Images.  Really lovely guy, very good value for money and does packages or build-your-own so you only get what you want.  

    Definitely check him out!

    Only reason we didn't hire him was that the other photographer we interviewed came as a couple, so we got 2 people for a bit more money, and they did include all the thank you cards, engagement shoots etc but that's what we wanted image

    One thing I will say is that with photography you do get what you pay for.  All my married friends have said "I wish we'd got a better photographer" as the only thing they'd change about their wedding!  For that reason I was wary of Groupon deals as I preferred to meet the person and see their work before paying a deposit.  

    Also I've heard quite a few Groupon horror stories with suppliers (not just photographers) going out of business before the wedding so make sure your wedding insurance covers it if you do go for Groupon.  

    Hope this helps image

  • Oh someone else we almost hired was Hannah Beatrice  Again a really lovely person with gorgeous photos!  

    She's a bit more expensive though and includes engagement shoot in the price but you could probably negotiate that image

  • Personally, I've never had a problem with Groupon and in fact I found my North West photographer on a deal there. In fact, I had seen her work featured on the Rock n Roll Bride blog (and she's an approved vendor too!) and I had fallen in love with it. I think her costs start at about £700, though the package we wanted was £1400 and we got it for £380...


    Memories by Victoria Holden are based in the NW and I know they have a FAB deal at the moment... £599 for 2 photographers for the whole day, photobooth etc. etc. We met Craig at a wedding fair and he was really lovely and approachable. We were going to go for them but seeing the Groupon deal meant we went with that instead.

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    Define extortionate.

    If it involves fuel and a meeting with you beforehand, a shedload of admin, then a 12 hour day running around with £20000's worth of camera equipment strapped to us, then going home to 4 days solid worth of editing then let us know what togs should be charging.

    Considering couples want so many photos these days a professional, edited photo from your wedding day will cost roughly £2-£3 each as most deliver 500 or so images. Hour for hour it's cheaper than any other photographic service yet it's a ridiculous price. Really?

    Photoshop costs £700, just one of my cameras costs 5 grand before I so much as attach a lens to it. When I shoot the first dance I don't just use flash, I bring an array of flashes. This all needs to be paid for as does my £600 a year insurance.

    If I was to charge £1000 a wedding, at 50 weddings a year 10% of each wedding will go to fuel, car maintenance and equipment devaluation alone before I've even paid for the shirt on my back.

    It's slightly annoying when I see so many suppliers berated over their price, be that make up, florists, cake makers when in reality most people have no idea of the work involved. We're paying £1850 for our togs next year because we know what's involved.

    Pricing is all relative, if you only have £500 then a lot of people will be 'out of your budget' but not extortionate. Calling something extortionate is when it's value is tangible yet considerably over priced. Like charging £4 for a mars bar.

  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Sorry for asking for advice! I wonder if you have many customers when you speak to people like that! OUCH!

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    You were inferring all photographers are extortionate. They're not.

    I was pointing out where the pricing comes from. Because many don't realize. It wasnt a jab at you.

    Another user put : 'They're so extortionate arent they? And there's no proof that they're any good. Anyone can buy a good camera and photoshop a good picture onto a website.'

    Well actually, no.

    The trouble is that coming onto a public forum and making a claim like that is destructive to the industry as a whole. You can of course say whatever you like, doesn't mean to say someone won't say the opposite. That's what forums are all about, opinions.

    I average 50 all day weddings a year, at the right price and do a great job.

    But if I see someone, well, a couple of users throwing a blanket of discredit over the industry then I'll post a few details to put things into perspective a bit.

    The reason you possibly can't find someone at your price point is because rather than the togs you like being extortionate, your budget might be wrong in the first place for the quality you desire. There are lots of togs who'll shoot a wedding for £500-£1000 and there are others who charge more, usually they are in business not because they're extortionate, but because they are good enough to charge it.

    It's all relative, there's a lot of work involved with any wedding and it's priced accordingly.

    Whatever you do don't take it personally as the comments were in reply to the general theme of the thread, not aimed directly at you.

    So chill. image

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