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Money Worries

With 12 weeks to go, a childminding parent has cut their childs hours down and i am gonna be losing about £250 a month. Now i am worrying that we may have to cut down or take things out off our wedding. Which i really dont want to do.. image

How many more things are going to go wrong for me and my OH xx


  • LivelifeloveLivelifelove Posts: 1,024 New bride
    So sorry to hear that, cyber hug coming to you. Is there a chance you will get another child?
  • I will just have to advertise that i have a space. But have had some much go wrong over the last couple of weeks that this on top is just stressing me out x

  • Iknow how you feel hun, my hours have been cut by 10 a week and I'm going to be ??1000 short on the wedding money...doesn't sound much to some but its taking up my car money, my favour money and my sweeties and table decs...really wish I could come into about 5k before the wedding xx
  • I know be nice to win some money. Its works out the same we need about £1000 for ours too. I just hope that something can happened between now and then that will see us right x

  • I keep thinking the same but as it gets closer im worrying. We already had 5k taken from our budget but then found another 2k but went back to basics to make up the deposit money we lost. I took on another job for an extra 20hrs then my original hours were decreased....lucky I love my h2b or I might of changed my mind by now lol xx
  • We may have to get rid of a few things for the wedding if we cant find the money, seeing as everything has got to be paid for by the 22nd of june which means my partner only has 2 wage slips left and i have 3. Even with some help from the parents which they offered today we still need to try and find that £1000 so that we can have everything that we both want included in our special day.

    Lets just keep our fingers crossed and hope everything goes ok.

    I have also got to try and get a wedding dress as well as the one that i received is completly wrong xx

  • Oh no image what was wrong with it?? Vxx
  • Just nothing like the picture of the original. I know its a copy but it was completely different to what i thought it was gonna look like. Have sent it back and now gotta wait two weeks before i can buy another dress x

  • Are you going for the same dress or something different xxhug hunu must be so stressed x
  • Same dress from a different company. Have been emailing the company all the questions i wanted answered and they have answered them. Just gotta keep my fingers crossed now x

  • I have a feeling tnis one will be perfe t, and as you won't have long to wait to actually wear it it will be even better, I have had mine upstair since feb and wanted to get it out every day but can't xx
  • I hope so too, Just ordered it, so now gotta wait 6 weeks. So exciting.

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