Hi, my wedding isnt till April 2015. I was wondering if anyone can guide me on the best time to contact the florist to make flower arrangements? is to too early to contact now? also looking for peoples experience of budget with flowers? how much did you spend on flowers and what did you get for the money? 


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    We contacted our florist about 3 months before - we were told that you can book them years, or weeks in advance. It depends how popular your florist is.

    They should've able to work with your budget. We are having pew ends, an alter display, 1 shower bouquet, 2 BM posies, about 15 button holes (!!), flowers on 8 reception tables (in jam jars with some candles mixed in) and a small display for the reception card table. She's going to aim for as close to ??500 as possible. We will have additional ceremony flowers but that's being dealt with at the church.

    I was amazed that roses are cheaper than 'shabby chic' flowers like peonies, gypsophila and hydrangeas as these are now super popular! I'm not a massive rise fan, but they're a wedding classic & if it keeps the cost down... X
  • I just bought an anniversary bouquet from this girl, the flowers she makes are from paper. Very beautiful and unique! She's kinda new shop I guess, maybe u can check her out!

  • image

     Overall look of wedding and wedding breakfast


     Groom, Dads & pageboy, all had avalance rose button holes, Bridesmaid with her mini version of mine bouquet and my mum, hubbys mum & bestwomen, had wrist cousages so not to spoil there dresses


     My Bouquet, was a very large hand tied.. ALL flowers with no greenry.. they had to make it extra big so looked in proportion with my dress. I then had a smaller 2nd one made identical to toss lol My bridesmaid also had the same but smaller


     Base of tables, smaller flowers again too with candles.


     Other flowers, placed around venue, in sitting room, lounge and bar tables etc


    Top table, large long & low in the middle which was used in ceremony, then 2 smaller long & lows at either end, plus smaller displays too.


     Cake, (made by me) florist adding the flowers, again, £150-200ish worth of flowers.


     Staircase, large display at the bottom, plus  going up the whole banister with fairy lights.. think this should have been £300-500 (ish) lol


     Above - x6 centre pieces, (which we also used in ceremony) If I remember I was told these should have cost about £240each.. then there was about £500 worth or real rose petals down the aisle with candles too, the plinths were made for us and had a string of white Singapore orchids down the middle of each. Then the large long and low at the bottom


    All our flowers were real fresh flowers and came from my work (work in the wedding industry)

    So we didn't pay 'normal' prices.. I got a very hefty staff discount.


    I can remember a bit of what they should have cost at normal retail.. :/ might give you a bit of an idea..

    We got married 16th Feb, in Hertfordshire, so an expensive area and date

    Hope that's a bit of help



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    I might be a bit late. :) But I just want to share an amazing resource I've ordered flowers from. provided me an excellent posies for me and a bridesmaid, they also can help you with floral decorations.

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