Wedding favours


What are you spending on your favours?

I personally wasn't going to provide any, but wanted to hhave flip flops for all the ladies - which in a way can be perceived as a favour. Yes?




  • MrsH2Al2013MrsH2Al2013 Posts: 237
    ??78 on biscuits; heart shaped with ladies having brides dress pattern and men have a suit.

    Along with British heart foundation pins. Again one for ladies and gents. Then money goes to charity xx
  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride

    My Mum (and I) are going to make jam for all the ladies and the gents will get a Whisky minature. Spending quite a bit on the Whisky but the jam should be pretty cheap!


  • MrsH2Al2013MrsH2Al2013 Posts: 237
    That's a cool idea ! X
  • One Idea I have heard that is really different is finding little miss and mr men books and matching them to your guests as wedding favours, you can get them for pennies on amazon.

    I think I am going down the route of the personalised love hearts,

  • Ooooh, i am loving the idea of the mister men books! My soon to be bought me a Mister Men book when we were first dating and the books would be so appropriate.


    Wish I had time to make jam or homemade goodies. I feel like a terrible bride image

  • I love the Mr Men idea too! I might have to rethink my favours now, will have to see if there's a book title I can match to each guest!

    I was planning on making hanging hearts out of fabric for the ladies using fabric that matches my wedding, and for the men I've been looking into buying shot glasses and sticking on a blackboard sticker then writing their names on in chalk. I need to do a prototype of each first though as I'm not sure if they will look good or not! It shouldn't work out as much more than £1 per guest though in total.

  • stylish Garden Bride, don't be so hard on yourself, you are meant to have a lovely time of wine and champagne on the run up to your wedding, not stressed trying to sort favours cakes and everything else out, choose something that you can do comfortably in time and enjoy itimage

    God I've watched too much wedding tv! David Tutera eat your heart out lol

  • cle110112cle110112 Posts: 298

    We are doing Strawberry jam for ladies and Marmalade for the gents. Kids got colouring books and goody bag.


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