Wedding Dress with or without strap?

I bought my sweetheart wedding dress online and also use this option to add a detachable halter to it because, while I loved the sweetheart look, the gap between the top of my gown and my chin was so bare, it needed something and I didn't want to wear a lot of jewelry. But it turned out a bit different from what I expected. Since the gown was altered perfectly for my body so I would never have had to tug at it if I had left it strapless, so what do you think, guys? Which is better? Here are before and after photos:

Before alterations:





  • Bubbles91Bubbles91 Posts: 120

    I am quite biased, as when I evenutually try on dresses, I will be avioding strapless like the plague, but I LOVE the pic with the halter neck!!  That is gorgeous!! xxx

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    The halter neck strap looks really lovely on you x

  • I agree. It looks lovely with the halterneck! image

  • CeeeCeee Posts: 28

    I love the halterneck, I think it looks better image

  • little_l_83little_l_83 Posts: 211

    I like the halterneck too.

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    I love the halterneck. image

  • I agree, keep the halter. Even though it is altered to fit your body, I bet you will still be pulling it up at times. My friend thought her dress fit to perfection but after wearing it for a few hours, it got a little loose and she had to keep pulling it up so if the option is there to have a strap, I say go for it. Another option is to have it strapless for the ceremony and then add the strap after, then you get two different looks! (or vice versa). Either way, it is a lovely dress.
  • MrsVJB2BMrsVJB2B Posts: 372

    Halterneck. No question.

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