FREE Wedding photographer!!

I'm getting married in September this year and am annoyed at the amount of photographers charging ridiculous prices for photography. Some even charge £200 extra to take pics of the bride getting ready. image

As a photographer myself I find it really difficult to fork out hundreds of pounds on a wedding photographer and have decided to set up shop doing budget packages for other weddings. As I don't have direct experience in the wedding industry I'll be doing my first lot of weddings free of charge. See below for details! image

" I have a diploma in Media / photography and can cover the following: the bride getting ready, ceremony & reception (speeches / cutting of cake / first dance)

I will provide you with the images I shoot on the day on a CD, all I ask in return is that you allow me to retain copyright for use of the images as part of my portfolio and that if your venue is outside of London, to cover travel expenses.

Note: if you have already booked a photographer, I could still work around that as a second photographer. For example, some wedding photographers charge £200 just to photograph the bride getting ready. In short, if you have a photographer booked, I can fill in to cut costs!

I cover London but can travel further within reason. Please contact me if you are interested in this offer."

Many thanks


  • ShowponyShowpony Posts: 115 New bride

    What a brilliant idea! Have you got any examples of photos you've taken or styles you'd like to acheive?


  • mrsmac2be2mrsmac2be2 Posts: 279

    This is so refreshing!  You don't travel to Argyll in Scotland by chance?! xo

  • Hi LadyFox,

    How far in advance would you take bookings?


  • LizziebLizzieb Posts: 3

    WOW that's a really good idea. My wedding isn't booked yet but we are looking at aug/sept 2014. can u send your email address so we can keep in contact? By next year I'm sure you will be charging but I'm finding it hard to find a photographer that doesn't charge more than the mortgage lol. 

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    Hi Ladyfox!

    Whilst we are getting married abroad, we are having a reception/party when we get back in July. If you fancy coming and taking some pictures, we would love it. Our reception is being held on a boat called the Yarmouth Belle (run by Turks Launches) and we will be going up the Thames in the evening around Kingston, Richmond and Hampton Court. 

    Ive already booked a photographer for an initial group shot of us and our guests but she is only there for that shot. 

    Email me [email protected] if you think you would fancy it. image

  • Hi I'm interested but can you tell me what cameras you use please? H2B likes to think he knows his cameras.

    Also, H2B asks if you are insured as our venue insists all suppliers have the public liabilty insurance thingy..

    Even though it's free we would like the security of a written agreement too please?

    We'll feed you on the day.and sit you with our guests x

    Sorry for the questions but H2B said otherwise it could be no better than our guests and their iphones and you might not turn up. Lol silly man, he just needs reassurance xxx

  • Hi there I work as a photographer and if you know what you are doing you would know the amount of work that goes in to capturing, organising, insurance, processing and marketing for a wedding and business in general. Add to that ??10,000 worth of camera equipment and computers and you have expensive overheads. I'm sorry but university degrees in media mean nothing in the media! Experience, creativity and professionalism is what counts. You get what you pay for that's all I can say so please stick to photography as a hobby and leave it to the professionals!
  • Debs270613Debs270613 Posts: 225
    Muzwedding, may I ask how you started off photographing weddings? Did you assist or magically just start? As a fellow 'media' worker, experience is worth more than a piece of paper but everyone has to start somewhere. If ladyfox is wanting to start building up her portfolio then by offering her services for free to start is one of the best ways ( or assisting an established photographer). Also for all you know, they could be a portrait ( or other area) photographer looking to expand. I agree with you in do far you can get what you pay for but since she's offering free/travel costs and if you have a photographer already, then what have you got to lose?
  • Hi I have no problem with people starting out and offering their services for free - good on them but to label the costs that professionals charge as ridiculous is an insult and displays a lack of understanding and professionalism in my view.
  • Chris_GilesChris_Giles Posts: 609

    The reason why many togs charge £200 for the bride getting ready is often because it's a 3 hour job. You need to run off with the dress, the shoes and all the small details that make up the day.

    With an average wedding being 10 hours from the prep to the first dance it's actually a perfectly fair amount. 3 hours behind the camera is another 6 hours in front of the PC editing them.

    So whilst it's noble to be so eager to please a greater undersanding of what's involved is advised.

    Because it'll bite you on the bum. You don't need any qualifications to be a 'photographer' - You just have to have a camera to be one of those. It's delivering a good shot time after time, from the heart, with consistency and regularity that defines you as professional.

    I see it as you are playing with something that some couples have planned years for. If you screw up, are you just going to go 'Well I was free so, huh, not my problem'. What will you do when things go wrong? Your camera breaks or something you do at a venue causes someone to get hurt and you get sued without liability insurance?

    As someone already asked, do you have a backup camera. Is your camera a professional one, are you insured and do you offer a contract.

    It's all well and good to offer such a service but this is the most important day of someones life, other than having children and all they will have after the wedding day are photos. That's it, nothing else to look back on. It's really quite a final thing yet you're offering to take place of another tog saving them £200. Well this is only true if you're worth £200. If you're images are weak then they can't possibly be compared to a professional.

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