how much would u spend on flowers?

Ee met with a florist the other week she quoted ??850 for: 1 bride bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquet and 2 flower girl posys. 8 button holes 3 corsages and 9 martini glass centre peices. i thought that was excessive. i said i didn't mind what flowers went in them as long as they were autumn colours. i also don't mind her using leaves and berries to fill them out. Is the price about right? How much did u pay for your flowers?


  • MrsH2Al2013MrsH2Al2013 Posts: 237
    Mine is roughly ??450 for


    2x big bridesmaids

    1x young bridesmaid wand

    7 x button holes

    2 x corsages for mums

    2 x bouquets for mums

    6 x fishbowls with simple flowers in

    1 x set of three pumpkins with cinnamon etc surrounding for a harvest themed top table (not Halloween)

    It may rise to ??500 but should be no more x
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