how much would u spend on flowers?

Ee met with a florist the other week she quoted ??850 for: 1 bride bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquet and 2 flower girl posys. 8 button holes 3 corsages and 9 martini glass centre peices. i thought that was excessive. i said i didn't mind what flowers went in them as long as they were autumn colours. i also don't mind her using leaves and berries to fill them out. Is the price about right? How much did u pay for your flowers?


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    That's prob in line with what I'm paying tbh. We are having slightly fewer things so its a bit less.

    I said to our lady that we had budgeted x amount and what was her best price and she said she would match our budget and knocked ??75 off! Obv there's always a risk she'll just use fewer flowers but then she could still do that at the full price and I'd be none the wiser!!

    I'd get get a few quotes tho as prices seem to vary a lot depending where u live so that could be expensive for your area xxx
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    We had a few quotes for basic bouquets at around £180 for bridal and £90 for bridesmaids bouquets. We are getting married abroad so this might have an impact on the price. It doesn't sound far off though.

    In the end we decided on artificial flowers which will be about £100 in total for: 1 x teardrop bridal, 2 x bridesmaids posys, and 10 x corsages. We will be getting something quite elaborate, rather than very basic as we would have if fresh. As we're abroad it means they won't go brown in the heat, and will be a nice keepsake for my Grandmas who are unable to come.

    You could look into it, artificial flowers seem to have come on along way! All the best x



  • bw124bw124 Posts: 258

    I also looked into this when we were doing our research....

  • I don't think that's too bad tbh. I was thinking about ??1k for a similar amount of arrangements as you outlaw-owl so I'm pleasantly surprised by your quote. I haven't decided on a florist yet.
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    I personally wouldnt pay a lot for flowers as they will be dead a few.days.later. Seems a waste of money but im not a huge fan of be honest. Mine are ??275 and im getting a lot for my money
  • I think that sounds very reasonable Outlaw, we're paying £1300 for:

    Brides bouquet (hantied and I wanted it no bigger in diameter than a football) + a smaller one to throw (mine is going on my FIL's grave)
    5 x bridesmaids bouquets (MOH's to be a bit bigger)
    13 buttonholes
    2 corsages
    4 ladies buttonholes
    2 pew ends
    2 very large pedestals for the church
    2 large flower arches for the church (one over the entrance and one over the rood screen)
    windowsill arrangements for the church
    1 gate arrangement for the church
    1 very large pedestal for the reception venue
    8 large and tall table centrepieces
    1 drapy/swagging arrangement to go all along the top table
    arrangements for the bar

    That being said I LOVE flowers (started my career as a botanist) so real flowers were very important to Mr F and I, and we are having mostly roses, sweet peas and lots of peonies image xxx

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    Ours is coming to about £600-£700 for bride's bouquet, 3 bridesmaids, 6 button holes & 7 table centres. Having said that we'll be spending a few hundred more because we've decided to do our own extra venue flowers. We just couldn't warrant that cost from our florist.

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    I've got a hand tied bouquet with roses, hydrangeas and Daisy's, 4 bridesmaid bouquets 10 buttonholes and 3 corsages for ??240! That's from a lady that works from home!
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    Mine is roughly ??450 for


    2x big bridesmaids

    1x young bridesmaid wand

    7 x button holes

    2 x corsages for mums

    2 x bouquets for mums

    6 x fishbowls with simple flowers in

    1 x set of three pumpkins with cinnamon etc surrounding for a harvest themed top table (not Halloween)

    It may rise to ??500 but should be no more x
  • I've just had my quote through- for my bouquet, 5 x Bm bouquets, 8 x candelabras with flowers for tables, plus top table long thingy, and 7 button holes just over ??800...I did negotiate them down though. Hope this helps image xx
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    Like MrsB2B, we've gone with someone who works from home and she seems really reasonable. MIL2b is growing the flowers for the table centres a pew ends but we're paying ??208 for bridal bouquet, 2 adult bridesmaid bouquets, 3 posies for flower girls which will just be a few stems, 4 button holes and a wrist corsage on a pearl bracelet.

    Def get a few quotes so you feel confident that the price is right x
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    The one we saw worked from home too. Im hopefully going to see a shop we have been recommended this weekend xxx
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