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How do I ask for discount????


So I found THE ONE on Saturday - Sonora by Maggie Sottero and was super pleased that it wasn't massively over budget! Infact it is JUST in budget at £950 plus £150 for alterations. Although I tried it on with a beautiful sheer veil which I can't quite remember the price of but they all started at at least £100 which I want.

So at a total cost of £1200 I am quite happy although I feel like I would be silly not to ask for a discount - but I just don't know how!!??

They offer 0% finance too as I won't be gettinbg married til May next year that I can spread until March if I pay a £200 deposit. So it is certainly affordable in my budget but would I be foolish not to ask? And will the shop "expect" it?!

There's not many other Maggie Sottero stockists where I live but have found 2 which I will call and check their prices and 2 down where my mum lives. Will there be much difference in price in anyone elses experience?!

I'd be over the moon if I could get it to £1000 but is that too much to expect?!

Any advice would be super appreciated as I plan to go back in 5 weeks to try it on in front of my mum and then buy it as I really loved the shop and the lady who helped me was great! (and it's the nearest of all the stockists!)


  • BrookieBrookie Posts: 163
    Just ask what can they do for you. We asked and got 10% off the dress, the alterations for free and ??200 towards a tiara which she knew I wanted.

    It was my mum that asked and she said what's the best deal on this. We made a joke saying my dad would kill us if we didn't ask!
  • I called a few otehr hops and one offered to give me 15% off if I went this week as it's their 10 year I let my shop know and they matched it for me!! Offering a package discount for a veil and headpiece too image

    So I'm super pleased! The dress is now £807!!! Just goes to show that if you don't ask you don't get!

  • Nice to hear that image


    It's true, if you don't ask, nothing will change. And what do you have to lose? Nothing, the worst that can happen is that they say "no".

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