Wedding Photographer - How much are you paying?

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I'm at the beginning of my wedding planning at the moment (Wedding is Saturday 14th Februaruy 2015), I have started to look at photographers as amazing wedding photos are really important to me.  I've had several quotes ranging from £900 to £2000!!!  We do not have a massive wedding budget but as the photographs are so importnat to me I'm willing to compromise something else, H2B doesn't really agree image he thinks that to pay over £1000 is lunacy!!!! Need to win him over!!

So ladies how much is your wedding photography costing (if its not too cheeky to ask image) xx



  • Gem83Gem83 Posts: 868

    A LOT!

    Its around £2,200 depending on the album style we choose. i have obviously chosen the most expensive one! big black leather album that is mounted (not managzine style) and full copywrite digital disc, and slideshow to music.

    Our photographer spends around 40 hours on the photos, touching up, shading etc.. Photography was the most important thing to us so alot of our budget went on it.. i realise its an obscene amount.

  • MrsMcG2beMrsMcG2be Posts: 402

    I spent a fair chunk of our budget because like you it was an area I wasn't willing to compromise on and h2b just had to like it or lump it!

    We are spending £1900 in total (and we're getting married two weeks before you, how exciting!), it was £1300 for an engagement shoot with our edited picture on a disk and our favourite image framed, two photographers on our wedding day from bridal prep to three dances after the first dance and having all the pictures edited in an online gallery, and two disks one smaller size files and one full res files. I was ok with this because she was my favourite photographer by far and and assumed I would need to make up parent albums and our own album online but her albums were very reasonably priced so we are paying more to get a large album for us, two parent albums, 8 pocket book albums, 100 thank you cards and various other bits and pieces. It was h2b that said we should just get everything from her once he had seen her work and met her.

    Maybe if you pick your favourtie and h2b picks one which he thinks is affordable and then you go and meet each and see their work he will be swayed round to your way of thinking and be comfortable paying more?

  • NyckyNycky Posts: 52

    Some of the quotes we were getting back were scary - especially what we were getting for our money. one photographer quoted 4000 :O 

    In the end we managed to get a package for £2500 - which includes 3 photographers, a wedding video, 2 parent albums, our albulm, prints, copyright disc and engagement photos. 

    I guess it all depends on what you are going to get for your money from what photographer. 

  • Ours is £850 for photos, editing, copyright, online gallery and discs. We then choose which album we want after or can go somewhere else so we have the freedom to choose image

  • Mrs M xMrs M x Posts: 259


    We are paying just under £1200 for ours. We have 2 photographers from 10.30 in the morning until 10.30 at night. We get a leather bound photo book, and the rights to all the images on a DVD/CD. We can also add mini-albums to the package for around £40 each, so contemplating getting one each for both sets of parents.

    One of our photographers is the vicars son, so he's given him special dispensation to take normally un-allowed photos in/around the church image

  • Mrs M xMrs M x Posts: 259

    oh, forgot to add, dont forget that we are ooop norf though! So things are a buit cheaper in these partsimage

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Ours was/is a complete bargain at £700 from two photographers for the entire day, a viewing of the venue beforehand, engagement shoot and signing board witha  basic album/disc of pics! He was just starting out when we booked, and has since grown massively in popularity and his prices have doubled, but he agreed to keep ours the same as we booked and paid the deposit before the increase. He has done weddings abroad and in the UK and i get more excited for our pics each time he puts new ones on his site. Plus he is a lovely guy who has a great sense of humour and we know he will take the pics we want and have fun too!  

  • I couldn't believe how much photographers where when I started looking for one and then all the different packages opens and then when you got into the details about them yes you might get an album but then you don't actually get all your photos and they are copyrighted and then to top it off they might be being displayed on a website but again not allowed to do what you want with them. In the end I ended up being recommended a great photographer from a colleague at work who had used them for their wedding, yes were rather pricey but no limit on times, or amount of photographs. We pay £1250 have them for as long as we want and get all of the photographs edited with no copyright on so can do whatever we like with them they are ours and this seemed like a great option for what we wanted.

  • I am up north too! Found that for really great photographers including an album come in at £2000ish. We've booked ours at the weekend for May 2014 and is £1550 as they had a promotion on due to changing album supplier (who h2b liked from researching prior). Photography is really important to us, particularly h2b who has a real eye for it! We've also booked a 4 hour wedding package photobooth too with Boothrevolution so all together we're spending just over £2000 on photography!!

  • RatThings2RatThings2 Posts: 676

    We are paying £500 for ours, and he will be with us from 1pm  through until the first dance. We are not having any albums etc though as the boyfriend will sort them out himself. We are getting a setting of edited images, as well as all the RAW images that he takes on the day, so the boyfriend can process them himself if theres any he wants to do that the photographer hasnt.

  • I am paying £1000 but in that we have:

    • A pre-wedding photoshoot (engagement shoot as I call it).
    • Photo's all day 11.30am - 7.30pm.
    • A photobooth with props for the evening reception.
    • Photo album with 60+ images in (leather bound and photos are picked by us and set out how we want them during a meeting after the wedding)
    • All images taken on a disc with all the copyrights so we can print whatever we want.

    He's based in Sheffield and does amazing work anyone close by wants to know more info about my guy PM me. I'll advertise him he's amazing but doesn't advertise much as most of his business is from word of mouth etc and he gets booked up quick!!

    I can't wait to see what he does with our photos!! image


  • PenlouPenlou Posts: 73

    I am getting married in Warwickshire and all the quotes around here were insane! In the end I found it was cheaper to book one from my home town in Lincolnshire and pay for the petrol to get them to us.

    So I am paying £450 for two photographers from getting ready to first dance, all the photos on a disk, and an album (I can't remember off the top of my head how many photo's were included in that). Then the cost of their petrol will be on top of that.

    Don't be afraid to look further afield if other areas are cheaper image

  • I'm in Hertfordshire and my photographer is charging 700pounds. She has already done an engagement shoot for us. On the day she will be with me from 11.00am onwards until just before the meal. She's travelling over 2 hours to get to us though (her photography is that amazing) so we invited her to the evening reception.
  • Chris_GilesChris_Giles Posts: 609

    We're in Brighton and are paying £1850 for ours. Two togs, image supply only.

    This is just over 10% of our total wedding budget because after we've spent out on everything else we'd like someone competent to record it all when it's no longer there.

    I couldn't find anyone at my standard for less than that. But I'm a wedding photographer too and can see the weaknesses in the work of others easier than someone who isn't.

  • We are in the north west and paying ??790.

    That includes all rights to copyright and we get all of the images on a disc so we can do what we like with them. We also had a free engagement shoot and again we got all of the images. We get a photographer from bridal preparations until later in the evening when he's ha enough lol x
  • We're paying just under £500 for ours which includes a pre-wedding shoot, being at the venue from an hour before the wedding until the first dance and unlimited edited photos, the best 100 of which will be printed for us.  Having seen her photos from other weddings I think we're getting a bargain.  We're Cardiff based by the way.

  • MrsE2be2014MrsE2be2014 Posts: 1,459

    We are paying £675 she is getting to the venue an hour before ceremony and staying til just after first dance....I was worried about photos getting ready as I think I could find it annoying and I dont want to be rushed and stressed! We were very happy with this price we get all rights to photos and a photobook x

  • It's amazing to see how much prices vary based on location in the country.

  • You don't necessarily have to buy the album through your photographer.

    You can arrange to be given (or to buy) a CD of the high resolution photos, then have the album done yourself with a professional album company like ours. We include a free expert design service.

    Hope that helps.

    Marc @ Photo Productions

  • barbie_86barbie_86 Posts: 626

    When we started planning we set a budget of £1000, to include albums. We quickly realise that we are very fussy and have very specific tastes, and would not get what we wanted for that money; we'd get nice photos, yes, but not amazing photos; and we wanted amazing ones. We're also both quite arty, and notice things like over-exposure, how well a shot is composed, bad/over-editing, etc.

    We've ended up spending £2500. For that, we get:

    A pre-wedding shoot, with the images on a disc

    A signing frame with one of the photos from the pre-wedding shoot (can be changed to a wedding photo later on)

    2 photographers on the day with unlimited coverage (from approx 9am-10pm)

    All the images edited and on a disc, with full copyright

    1 small square album

    2 tiny (handbag-sized) albums


    We're getting a big album for our 1st anniversary, for £1000, and passing the other album onto my parents when we do.

    I'm actually really pleased with what we're getting for the price we're paying; the photographer is amazing and unique, and exactly what we want; I'm hoping it will be well worth every penny.

  • Hi hun.

    I do really think you get what you pay for (apart from a few cowboys!). We paid £2,500 as photography was really important to us. I'm so pleased I did too as I LOVE our pictures, our guy did a great job and was really nice.

    Be careful about all the extras though, ask up front what's included as my friend's photographer tried so really fleece her on extras like albums and buying all the digital copies of the pictures, she felt pretty annoyed with it all by the end of it.

    Good luck!



  • VintageRoseVintageRose Posts: 174

    Morning Ladies,

    Thanks for all the replies!! Had our appointment on Saturday with the photographers and the albums were even more amzing in real life as they were on the webiste and the photographers were fantastic, we really warmed to them!!! H2B also fell totally in love with the photographs so we booked them!! YEY!! Its over double what we budgeted for but they are so amazing we just had to have them!!!

    Thanks for all your advice x

  • Hi, 

    We paid around £1200 for our photographers (based in Windsor) 2 years ago, but with that we had a pre shoot and got all our pics on disk and 3 copies of a photo of our choice actually printed. I hated spending so much money on photographers, but looking back at the pictures, so glad we did. We had two photographers with ours, one was with me during the morning, one with the groom. Those are really special photo's as neither of us even thought to ask how the morning was after the wedding day itself had finished. 


    We had a photobooth as well in the evening, with a guest book - which is my favourite wedding purchase. It had us in complete hesterics reading through it the morning after the wedding and well worth the money. Great to keep everyone entertained as well in that space between pudding and the disco really getting going!! 

    not sure where your based - are a good one. 

  • CetaceaCetacea Posts: 654

    Photography was really important to me and my OH knew not to argue with me on that. I love my camera and won't go anywhere without it and am super excited to get professional pictures! It did mean I was extremely picky and most photographers I liked were over £2000 which was too much for us. Due to sheer luck we found our current photographer and are super happy, even my OH managed to get excited- though that might have been because the photographer was showing us some of his pictures on an ipad during the meeting. Either way, love his style and use of light and can't wait!

    It's costing about £1300 and includes

    Full coverage from bridal preparations to first dance.
    No less than 400 edited images on DVD in High resolution JPEG format, free of any copyright.
    A free DVD slideshow (high res and web resolution, playable on i-phones via app)
    A free online  gallery

    20x30 40 page wedding album

    It's £150 to add engagement pics and £99 for 2 albums for the parents which we are considering adding at the moment.

  • PandemoniaPandemonia Posts: 58

    Photography is incredibly important to me but as a photographer myself (press & documentary) it's actually something I was dreading leaving to someone else even though I realised I couldn't actually cover my own wedding.

    So I've been incredibly fortunate in that my pictures are being done by a friend who is an absolutely superb professional photographer. His prices usually start at £2,000 but he refuses to charge me a penny! I'm not having an album though. Just all the pictures to do as I wish with and, as it is a slightly unusual theme, he'll be very welcome to put them on his website.

    I second what people say about getting what you pay for though. With photography this is absolutely the case. I'm not saying there aren't talented beginners who will do a fantastic job at a very reasonable price but sometimes, it is proven creativity and experience that you want.

  • gina ggina g Posts: 397

    Penlou who is your photographer?  We are in Warwickshire and finding quotes expensive. So wouldn't mind taking a look at your photographer if you don't mind xx

  • ElizaBettyukElizaBettyuk Posts: 148

    These packages on ebay were the best value/quality we could find. 

    Wedding Photography

  • MrsA2b2014MrsA2b2014 Posts: 105

    Our photographer and videographer work together.. both together will cost £3,145, the videographer is £1,650 and the photographer £1,495 that's photos being taken right from all the bridal prep of everyone getting ready in the morning, and the videography starting as we are about to leave for the church, I didn't fancy having a camera around while we were all getting ready... Just incase there any stressful moments in the morning didn't really want to look back and see any of that! haha I totally agree with the other brides though that you definitely get what you pay for, our guy came to our house and did a 3 hour presentation of all of his work which we thought was brilliant, totally won the other half over as he didn't want a videographer at all! xx

  • fadeintoyoufadeintoyou Posts: 16

    £1650 for unlimited coverage, 2 togs, disc with pics on, one framed print, an album & 2 parent albums. 

  • This is really interesting. Like you, my OH refuses to spend more than £1000. I have fallen in LOVE with a photographer who is £1495. For that, you get coverage from getting ready to dancing in the evening, large and small/black and white images on CD and USB (about 500) downloadable images for guests from the website, gallery etc. Meetings to finalise plans and go through options, but also - the lady is REALLY lovely. I've got my heart set on her now, so am willing to save on other elements of the wedding to have someone I trust to get all the images i want.

    Who knew photographers would be such an issue?! xx

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