Are chair covers necessary?

Just a quick question. Are chair covers necessary? I'm on a budget and seeing what I could cut out. Do people think that the room would look awful without chair covers?


  • OutlawOwlOutlawOwl Posts: 649

    depends what ur chairs are like xxxx ours are ugly so are necessary lol

  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    We aren't having chair covers but the chairs are really pretty and suit the venue. So I agree it depends on the chairs!

  • Mrs S 2BMrs S 2B Posts: 366 New bride

    Yup, totally depends on the chairs. If you like the look but have nice chairs there are some really cute chair sashes and ruffles on pinterest.

  • The chairs are standars, oval back hotel chairs really. Nothing special, but not hideous! My mum insists chair covers are necessary, but I'm not convinced!

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417

    Could you get away with just sashes? I think that's what I will do  Cheaper alternative at least. 

  • Mrs S 2BMrs S 2B Posts: 366 New bride

    Will the colour of the chairs tie into your colour scheme? I agree that just sashes should be cheaper and you could even DIY them if you are into crafts.

  • DanglishDanglish Posts: 196

    We're not having them. The hotel chairs are fine, not particullarly pretty but not totally ugly.

    The hotel is a old lovely victorian villa packed with original features so I think that the room is pretty enough - high ceiling, cornicing, fire places etc and that with flower centre peices, napking rings etc, we can get away without the chair covers.

    I think that the same chairs in a plainer room would be boring however.

  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    I don't like them, but I'm having them - the chairs at our hotel are bog standard conference chairs. They are not offensive or anything, but since we are marrying at a modern hotel in a room that is also used for business meetings, the covers are a big part of the 'look of the room - making sure it looks like a wedding, not a presentation on town planning! Also, the brown colour really doesn't work with our navy and pink colour scheme.

    However, if our chairs were nicer 'event' chairs, then I absolutely wouldn't bother with covers at all.

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    If you don't find the chairs bad then no, chair covers aren't "necessary" so I wouldn't agree with your Mum.  I personally really don't like them - but would have them if the chairs were horrendous (some venues having shockingly bad chairs!).  Luckily our venue has fab chairs so we don't need them.

  • PandemoniaPandemonia Posts: 58

    Chair covers are definitely one of those things that can be cut out if you are on a budget! They really aren't essential especially if there's nothing wrong with the chairs in their uncovered state. If your mum really thinks they are essential she could always offer to pay for them of course!

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    They are by no means a must have, but the brown/gold chairs at our venue just wont look great with our creams/ivories/pinks/purple colours.

  • I personally don't think they're necessary unless your venue really needs dressing up, say if it was a function hall or village hall.  I got carried away to begin with and was definitely going to have them but I think at nearly £500 or whatever it was, I thought it was a waste of money.  Most people put jackets over them and they are just to sit on at the end of the day. 

  • Our chairs are beautiful and we really don't like the look of chair covers anyway - in fact one of our stipulations when venue-hunting was that we had to be able to use/hire in chairs that didn't need covers - so we're not having them.  Definitely not a "necessary" buy unless you really hate the chairs and you can't hire in replacements at a reasonable cost.

  • Nope. As a guest you don't notice them you're too busy trying to get a good picture of the happy couple/ chatting to friends to notice chairs lol and at the reception most of the chairs will have coats/ jackets hanging over them so you don't notice them either. I've been to quite a few weddings over the years and i've only started to notice chair covers now as im planning my own wedding lol image

  • Sammy RoseSammy Rose Posts: 70

    We've got the same dilemma.  They are a lot of money but they do transform a room.

    Initially I was quite against them then we went to a wedding without them and it just looked abit naff and not quite weddingy enough... so I'm on the hunt for a cheap option! 

  • gina ggina g Posts: 397

    I am also unsure if we need them, initially i definatley wanted them, but the budget is getting tight.  What sort of price are they usually with a sash. I am thinking maybe just having a sash the chairs are new white wicker chairs so wonder if this would look ok??

  • Suzibear76Suzibear76 Posts: 333

    Sammy Rose, try A Little bit of Bling for your chair covers, they're doing ours and they run some amazing deals on their Facebook page!! Our wedding is in 3weeks so I can let you know after how good the quality of them are but they have been so helpful and get loads of great reviews! xx

  • Just depends on your priorities really..

    We wanted an all white wedding, so having bright blu conference chairs, just wasn't  going to work.

    We didn' have chair covers though, we hired in wite carvari chairs with white pads.

    Have you thought about hirig chairs raher than covers

  • Sammy RoseSammy Rose Posts: 70

    Thanks Suzi. I'm off to have a look...

    ... woah that almost seems to good to be true! I'd be interested to hear how it goes image

  • Recently I visited in The Dunloe Wedding Hotel. They provide so beautiful chaires according to the theme. You can get with or without chair covers. White chair covers with red ribin looks too good. I will suggest you to go for white or blue color chair covers.

  • Lucie2Lucie2 Posts: 5

    We found a small company that hires them out in the area - 70 spandex covers and sashes, including delivery and pick up, for £114. Which is fantastic, considering the venue wanted an eye-popping £4.50 a chair! We found them through their facebook page, have you tried that - perhaps getting them cheaper rather than cutting them out altogether?

  • If the chairs look nice im not sure why should anybody spend on the chair covers. Unless you have extra cash to spend and make the wedding more fabulous!

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