Save the date

Hi! I hope you ladies can help!

Nearly 4 years ago now I posted my own wedding film on a YAYW forum and the response was so lovely I actually had people wanting me to make them a film too! It took off so much that I now create wedding films (aka wedding videos) full time, and love it! image

So, now I'm working on a new product I thought I would turn to the forums again for some thoughts on the films and a bit of help pricing it all. I had a fab idea to make a save the date film for my sister in law who is getting married next year. I came up with a storyboard, location ideas and even a track and then we spent nearly a whole day in the rain getting footage to create this...

The second film was for a couple whose wedding I was filming and to save time nearer the day I went to meet them on their engagement shoot and asked if I could bring my new camera along. 

Both films are very different, kinda how I like my wedding films to be, and I think that's what would make this idea perfect for some many couples looking for something personal and unique to share with their family and friends.

firstly, what do you think? Is this something you would consider for the right cost? 

Secondly, I wondered how much people spend on their stationary? How much of that is on the save the dates?

would it make it more appealing if you were to get a bit of a deal on your wedding film with the same company if you did this?

opinions, comments and general feedback welcome and appreciated!



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