wedding dresses from on line seller

hi has anyone brought a dress from an on line seller im on a budget and thsy look really lovley in the pics and so cheep and so much choice ,i was thinking ov getting a regula size and then paying a dress maker to aulter it for me , i dont seem to of read bad things on here about them so any advice would be great image


  • gill1980gill1980 Posts: 44

    A friend of mine got hers on and she was really pleased with it. It inspired me to get mine from there and its only £75!

    My colleague is a seamstress and said she will make any necessary alterations if the fit is a bit off. They have a measuring guide on there to say how their sizing fits, so as long as you consult that it should be reasonably good fit.

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    also there is a video on tsomewhere shouters showing examples. Most pictures are stolen from the designers and the are are terrible fakes. Sure understand on a budget but do out really want to risk it for your dress?

    id try sample sales

  • MrsNoelMrsNoel Posts: 486

    I'd have to be honest, I'd think very carefully about buying unseen and online. It might turn out to be a bargain. But it might turn out to be a massive mistake and it would be such a shame to reduce your dress budget by the amount you'd paid on a duff one image

  • gill1980gill1980 Posts: 44

    Obviously I can't speak for lola, but for me personally the dress isn't a very big deal so I'm not fussed if it doesn't turn out to be amazing.

    I'm a total tomboy and until recently wasn't even planning on wearing a wedding dress, so cheap and cheerful meets my needs image

    Plus I don't want anything expensive in case it gets lost or damaged on the flight over. If it happens to this one it won't matter and I can just buy something else on arrival in NY.

  • lola28lola28 Posts: 175

    thanks ladies well i have gone for one and its only £115 so worst way if its not good i will sell it on e,bay but i think i need to see for myself im getting married for the seckond time and im a bit older so im not to fussed on a desinger dress or something new really but cant find something i like in the shops also im getting married in greese so i want something light,flowy and all the ones i have seen are to heavy ,ill let you all know good or bad image 


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