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Hello everyone,

Well, I've decided on my dress, pricey but affordable, venue we got a great deal at £4000 for ceremony, bridal suite, 3 course meal for 80, extra 100 odd for the evening disco, full use of gardens etc. so very happy with that, 3 bridesmaid dresses and 2 tiaras (3rd bridesmaid will only be 13 months old so didn't get her a tiara) for £130 from debenhams, make up is being done by a make up artist friend, hair isn't a problem, I am only panicking about flowers, in my opinion the prices they charge these days is ridiculous, and centrepieces for my tables, I really don't know how much I am looking at for this but have been told to expect it to be well over £1000 which I really can't afford and also a photographer, again very expensive but would love some professional photos. Can anyone recommend any florists and/or photographers in the South East. I'm in Guildford, Surrey. Thanks xx


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    We are having artificial flowers, probably foam roses with colour accents of something else. I know they have a bad reputation, but I really think the quality has improved a lot. Have a look on ebay etc., they come in at about 10% of the price we were quoted for fresh. Like you we just couldn't justify the cost for something that will barely last the day.

    Something like this:

    For photographer, we're very lucky to have a professional in the family, but I think there are lots of ways you could save money. Perhaps you could get friends and family to do 'getting ready' pictures, and then a professional for an hour around the ceremony? Also (I know it's a long shot but) maybe you could contact your local college and see if there is anyone just completing photography courses? Even specialist wedding photography courses - people might be wanting to build up their portfolios so you could negotiate a heavy discount.

    There's one thing I've learnt through this process, and that is that: things are more expensive than I think/hope image Xx

  • I recommend Sophie Duckworth, she is going to be our photgrapher and she is really nice, her photo's look lovely and she is not extortion...we are getting married on 10 August, so not sure of your date? but I definitely tink she's worth a call.

    I am also using Gillian Ashdown for flowers, we are having gerberas, and her quote so far is less than 700, which we thought was reasonable as I have a big bridal party!

    Good luck!!

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    Do you definitely want floral centrepieces? You could go for birdcages or lanterns (have a look on eBay or Ikea) which you could probably do for £20-£30 per table.

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    I brought my lily vases from ebay £50 for 10 (which i will re sell) then i am having lilies as my centrepieces with beargrass, a top table long and low (roses and lilies), my bouquet roses and 4 smaller bridesmaid boquests also roses, 2 crossages roses and 16 button holes i am using a small local florist as they were the most competitive i found and are only charging me £400!!

    My advice is to use local companies!

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    Great ideas girls thankyou! I am going to have a look at the people you reccommended. I am 100% sure I want flower centrepieces as I am a big flower girl, love everything about them and I never thought of the fake flower and buying vases from Ebay idea, that's definitely given me some ideas! Maybe it's time to buy some fake flowers and put in some practice lol! I am getting married june 20th next year so plenty of time yet image Thanks girls xxxxx

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    Oh and trying to find a student photographer is an amazing idea! Thanks xx

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    We got married on 20th June this year (excellent date choice!) and we live in Farnham. It is true that real flowers are pretty expensive unfortunately but there are ways to reduce costs. We met with a lady called Fiona Curry who does flowers from her home so you save money as she has reduced overheads. We didn't go with her in the end as we decided to use the venue's recommended florist but her quote was pretty reasonable so might be worth a look. If you google Fiona Curry Flowers she comes up.

    For our photographers were Senior Mac who I have to say we're excellent and very reasonable compared to others I looked at. They do a digital package where you get all the photos on a disk so you're not paying for albums which can be really expensive. It will still be more expensive than a friend or student but thought I'd let you know in case it helps! Good luck! Xx

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    Hi hun, just a little possibility re flowers- we really love them too, but like you said they are so expensive! We are using a lot of potted flowering plants at our wedding next month, they are loads cheaper, they last longer and you can even 'kill two birds with one stone' by giving them away at the end of the wedding as gifts!
    (I think some garden centres might even hire plants out so the cost could be even less)

    You'd have to do research to find out what flowers are blooming at the right time but it could be really lovely, and you would save loads!


     I think hydrangea plants are gorgeous (maybe not the vase...) Have a think about it, its a possibility that you might not have considered before! image x

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    hey check out your local college for florists and also photographers maybe worth a shot !


    ask them do they have any students who have almost finished who are looking for experience .

    and have you thought of doing your own center pieces


     OPEN lillies or gebera

    coloured aqua beads or clear


    simple effective and cheap !






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    Wow, thankyou for the suggestions girls, love the hydrangea arrangement and also the lillies and beads! Certainly something to think about! xxx

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