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where to get silk,foam flowers from

hi thinking of doing my own flowers dose anyone know witch shops stock flowers as i dont want to order on line i want to see the colours and match them up in a shop or warehouse i think this is dooable as i used to do dride flowers in oasis years ago and sell them to the mums at school im a little rusty but worth a try image when i ask google it just comes up with online sellers and in bulk

thanks ladies


  • CherrylipsCherrylips Posts: 87

    Hi .. I made my own ... Dunelm Mill have a great choice and they are good quality.


    Your local florists may also have a selection as well image


  • MrsS2014MrsS2014 Posts: 139

    Helo,  I'm not sure where you are based but country baskets is really good for that.  If you go on their website they have a few stores dotted around the country.

  • Sam10Sam10 Posts: 51

    Hobbycraft - thats where I got most of mine from, also garden centres and I also bought some lovely fresias and also some bunches of orchids  from a couple of ebay sellers that I could recommend.

  • lola28lola28 Posts: 175

    brill thanks ladies seems like we all get our crafty side out when in need lol x

  • I can recommend The Flower King on Ebay - I got my Hawaian Orchids from them and they are so realistic they completely fooled my mum who couldn;t understand how it was alive! 


    Silk  Blooms also sell loose flowers and have great online feedback (my bouquet is on order with them!).

    It is worth shopping around as you can get some great fake flowers online (or garden centres / florists) - much  better than the stuff you get in most high street shops.

    Good luck!

  • DevonlyMaidDevonlyMaid Posts: 128

    I got mine from Deco Flora. They're online and were reasonably priced and good quality. 

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