Free Music Video Boot!!!!

Big Day Productions are a new company developed to take the photo booth to the next level. Set up by a group of media production experts, we are a brand new company looking to give our music video experience, worth over £700, away completely free to help us build up our portfolio before our website goes live.


The Music Video Booth is a new fun idea that will bring all your family and friends together to create somthing completley unique that you will want to watch and share over and over again.


The way that Music Video Booth works is that we set up our HD camera equipment tucked away in a corner at your reception. We will then locate the guests you wish to record your video individually over the course of the evening. Once found, Gran/Dad/best friends, can step into our private booth and lip sync a favourite song of your choice. Your footage will then be put together by our expert editing team to create your very own Big Day Music Video.


We have linked a few videos below to give you and idea of the cut shot imagery of your video.

If you are interested in recieving the free video booth, contact us direct at


[email protected] We look forward to hearing from you.




All at Big Day.



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