Free Wedding Photography - Yorkshire and Manchester

We are two sisters, offering free wedding photography over the next few months while we build up our weddings portfolio. 

My sister has a first class honours degree in contemporary film and video and I work full time running a studio photography business. 

If you are getting married soon, but don't want to pay out hundreds (or thousands) of pounds up front for a photographer, we can help. We will photograph your whole wedding from getting ready, right through until the first dance. 

We will go and view the venue(s) ahead of time wherever possible to plan out the best photographs and take time to talk to you before the wedding to determine if there are any particular shots that you would like. 

Prints will be available to you and your guests to buy starting from just £7.95 for a 7x5 inch photograph, there is no cost to you for our travel or time and no obligation to buy photographs. 

Please send us an email or give us a call and we will be very happy to talk to you and answer your questions.

Speak to Kim at [email protected] or call 07817468575


  • hello can you email me please,

    [email protected]

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    I have my photographer sorted, but will say I am shocked to see you offering to sell prints at £7.95 per print, this is a very old fashioned way to do things.

    The cost could also add up I can see the bride and groom wanting copies of many of the pictures, plus the parents, so 100 prints would not be an unreasonable amount, total £795.

    My graduation pictures were pay for prints I was promised a digital copy but it never arrived, studio closed down a month or so later, this means I can never do good quality additional prints, okay its my graduation pictures so not a major issue, but having only prints of my wedding pictures, that to me is madness in todays digital age.

    I am paying for the full rights to my pictures and will be receiving a set of high quality digital copies allowing me to print as many copies out as I want. I have also paid for an album.

    Maybe you do have prices for albums and rights to digital copies too and just forgot to mention this?


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