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Hi all,

I am new here and would like to ask you for your help. We are young student pair and are planning as low-cost wedding as possible. Because of the unbelievable demand from the bureaucracy  we had to spend a lot of our money only for the "papers" and to get an official date at all. My documents, his documents, twelve-times controlled and every time paid for that.

So we are now just without money but our wedding is coming!

How as low-cost as possible can we prepare the party? We are looking for a meadow where we can build a party tent and possibly cooking something.. What and how would you do it? We have not many ideasimage

I have tried to open a post by gofundme http://www.gofundme.com/bvjwg0 but I don't believe that.

I have already gown what my mother had so this one thing is already cleared. We would like to find wedding rings for small price or do you think it is a good idea to buy some not golden rings and after the time when we have money again then buy something what we like? Have you experience?

We would like to enjoy our wedding and hope that money does not play the roleimage

Many thanks for any ideaimage


  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    i think the best thing would be to contact landowners for permission to set up on their land? work out what money you can spend? and ask what people can do to help?

    i.e. instead of a big markquee could you ask friends and family if they have gazebos you can tie together? people making a dish each like sandwiches etc might be cheaper?

    i advise working out how manye people you want to invite, then contact as many suppliers as you can to get quotes i.e. butchers, catering, celebrant etc

    also if ur in england will u be having the offical part in the morning then a blessing in the medow?

  • Do some real research on the party tents and talk to the companies to see if they'll consider (they might) a student discount in exchange for some feedback for their websites. Be aware that tents might not be as cheap as you think. We're looking into tipis, yurts and marquees due to costs and me not being fussed about a big venue and some are still coming in at £4,000 which is as much as some venues near us.

    Contact a local art college to see if there are any aspiring wedding photographers who might do your photos for free (if you could speak to a tutor for recommendations that could also be good).
    Local FE colleges often have hairdressers and beauty salons on site so you might be able to find a student who's about to qualify who'll do your hair/make-up/nails at a cheaper rate. I've had my hair cut at a hairdressing school and it was great - you can offer to pass on their name to other people as a thank-you.
    Could you part-cater yourself? Or, Marks and Spencers do a catering service where they prepare platters for collection. 

    If you've got time, you could DIY the decorations. Pinterest is great for that.

    I'm working to a budget too so if I see anything else, I'll try to remember to post.

  • The best way to have a low cost wedding ceremony is to celebrate it with the limited number of guests that will include your both friends, family members only. You can hire a simple garden where you can hold your wedding in one day only.

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