Are you scrimping on everything else so you can splurge on one specific thing?

Hi everyone,

The You & Your Wedding team want to know if you cut back on the other aspects of your big day so that you could really splurge on one specific element e.g. the entertainment, the food or the flowers.

Did you host your wedding in a smaller venue, with a simple buffet and minimal entertainment in order to really go wild with the flowers and favours?

Did you keep everything else ultra-simple and cost effective in order to make a huge splurge on the most incredible venue of your dreams?

Did you wear a second hand dress and cut costs on the favours, food and flowers in order to hire an insanely amazing band for the reception?

If any of the above sounds like you, please reply on here. For one of our upcoming issues, we want to hear from real brides who scrimped on everything else so that they could really go to town on one specific area of the day!

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  • I've cut back on all sorts to have the day exactly as I want it.

    Flowers I've gone for artificial so all of my table decorations and flowers on the day came in at only £446.00 which bouquet, 2 bridesmaids bouquets, a small flower bouquet, a flower basket for the little flower girl, cake flower topper and matching knife flower sheath, 9 fish bowls with candles, flowers and gems as table centre pieces, 9 miniature versions of this to go on side tables by guest book etc. a second decorated basket to hold my wishing tree cards and the flowers for 2 mothers (real on the day) and my grandmother (wanted artificial.) I plan to sell them on afterwards and recoup some of the money spent.

    The wedding packages offered by the venue, what they offered for £3000.00 got you:

    Room hire, 2 course sit down, table linen, a welcome drink of bucks fizz, 1/2 a bottle of wine on table pp, a toasting drink, bacon rolls and chips for evening guests, a master of toast and a room for the bride and groom on the night of the wedding for 50 people.

    When I went to see them I got all this for £3,600 for my day by redoing their calculations:

    Room hire quashed, wedding ceremony fee of £350.00, 2 arrival drinks of prosecco, 3 course sit down meal for 70 adults and 7 children with eton mess as pudding which isn't even on the menu selection, table linen, master of toast, 2/3 bottle of wine pp on table, toasting drink (prosecco again as it's my preferred drink of choice), private use of the hotel with 3 rooms the night before and 2 rooms the night of the wedding complimentary with breakfast included, a golf buggy trip around the golf course for photos, a hot/cold buffet for evening guests and a late license to 12 as guests at the hotel can also stay in the bar area as long as they like. PLUS I got my guests a discounted rate of £75 per room not guest with breakfast included for the night before and night of (they are paying for their stay themselves.) The hotel is also laying on a dinner for us the night before (at an additional fee) and we are having a sit down wedding breakfast buffet on the Saturday morning for all our guests to see us before we head off on honeymoon.

    All it took was going through their menu and deciding on the food then going through their wine list and selecting from there rather than their package list. The alcohol package went from being £25 pp down to £12.50 pp just by changing a few details!

    Telling them I would be booking out the hotel got a discounted rate for guests and complimentary rooms for myself, the groom and my grandmother for 2 nights. My room is the optional upgraded room they offer outside of the original package at an extra £50 per night however I haven't had to pay a penny for it. 

    The chair covers were quite costly at £269.00 with a discount from a friend in the industry but to cut costs I bought matching material to do the swag on the top table and side tables myself at a cost of only £12.00.

    The bridesmaids dresses I found I had been quoted £280 per dress, they then offered me discount to make them £220 per dress....still too expensive in my eyes. I went on line and found the exact same dress in JJSHouse (Hong Kong) and bought them there for a grand total of £220 for both adult bridesmaids including the import and duty tax of £50. For the little girls I got the dresses from BHS in the sale at a very small cost of £50 for both! Then to match them up I bought some satin to match my big bridesmaids dresses and we made new sashes for them to coordinate it. Total for bridesmaids came to £280 for all 4 of them!

    The men's suits were fun! We were planning to rent the suits at £100.00 per suit however there is a £200 per suit deposit!!

  • Wow Susiesue- I take it your good at negotiating!!
    I was hoping to change my drinks package at my venue- venue already booked but food and drinks packages not decided yet, hopefully I can squeeze a bit of saving there!
    Do you mind me asking where/ who you got your flowers from as it sounds like you got alot for your money.

  • Hey Rachel, Luckily for me my brides maid and best friend used to be a wedding planner in a hotel then became the hotels CEO before she left last year so all her knowledge was very useful and she knew where a hotel would cut costs and what they wouldn't be able to do. My bargaining tool was that we would be booking out the whole hotel for evening guests being my family are coming from all over and that most would be there for the day before as well. That let them cut out all sorts to know they were recouping the money from elsewhere. 


    They tend not to budge on the food price however definitely look through the packages they offer, compare it to the cost of the house wines ie 1 bottle for every 2 guests and with champagne you get 8 glasses per bottle for toasts so divide your guest list by 8 and you need that much champagne for one toast, if you want an arrival drink then times it by 2 or 3 depending on how many you choose (my lot being drinkers we went for 2 arrival drinks) then add up both totals of wine and champagne and divide it by your guests to get a package based on that price and those bottles instead if it works out cheaper. As I said mine dropped from £25.00 a head to £12.50 by using house wine and prosecco. (Don't forget to take out kids!)

    As for the flowers, they came from Inspirations in Bronborough, Liverpool. They are a flower wholesalers who sell everything from the artificial flowers to the vases, gems, wires etc that you need to make any flower based centre piece, bouquet or decoration you like. I'd highly recommend them. They do have an on-line shop but items only show on line if they are in stock so if there is something you like but the size or colour isn't available on line then just give them a ring, they check with their stockist for when the next delivery is coming and let you know. I did visit the store while seeing family as I am funny about what they look like but I needn't have as they all look identical to the website. We haven't paid to have them assembled as myself and my cousin (an ex florist) have done them but I know they offer that service if you need it. It's saved me a fortune! If you like a flower you find in white they can also spray it into the colour you'd like.

    **Another tip is to buy the flowers in bunches as the person wiring them will cut them up when wiring them anyway and it works out cheaper  than single flowers.

    Good Luck with yours.


  • Hi, 

    We've sat down and worked out the budget carefully especially since I gave up work to look after the children. we have allocated the lions share of our budget to the venue, food & drink

    Here is our breakdown:

    • Venue, Food, Drink and decoration: £5,813.40
    • Registrar £500
    • Wedding Dress £500 - gift from friend
    • Two Bridesmaids dresses £200 - gift from friend 
    • Flowergirl £50
    • Mother of the Brides £100
    • Suits x 8 £600
    • Hair & Make up £250
    • Shoes £100
    • Photographer £600
    • Videotography Gift
    • DJ free (dad has the equipment and our guests are all giving us their favourate songs
    • Confetti £100
    • Favours £100
    • personlised ribbon £180
    • silk flowers 3 bouquets, 1 flower girl pomander, 8 button holes & 1 corsage £250
    • Stationary £300
    • Soft Play hire £150
    • Candy Cart £100 
    • Popcorn & candyfloss £150
    • Garden Games £100
    • Jewellery including cufflinks £100
    • misc £250
  • I got a second hand dress so that we could splurge more on our honeymoon. I love my dress but it was for a bargain price. We put a lot more money into our honeymoon so that we could do an amazing all inclusive two weeks away. I felt like this was more important than the dress as we haven't been away for a while due to saving for the wedding and we knew we would need some time to unwind and relax. I could wear anything and still have an amazing wedding but you need a decent budget to afford a long honeymoon.

  • k8l12k8l12 Posts: 254

    We split our budget 50/50 for wedding and Honeymoon, we are away in Australia and New Zealand for a month and both passionate about travel so felt this deserved as much of our budget as the wedding day itself. We've also done all the stationary and a lot of the decorations ourselves so that we had enough in the budget to hire a wedding band to play in the evening we figured that people would remember this more than a pretty invite at the end of the day

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