Brial Alterations

Hello all, I can see from reading some of the comments alterations are quite varied. My advice to any Bride is ask, ask, ask you Bridal boutique everything from storage to weather it's all included or per alteration that needs doing. This should give you a fairly good idea. If not happy don't feel you can't ring other boutiques to see what they charge or if they know of a seamstress. The prices will always vary as no two dresses are the same, but it is wise if seeing an independent seamstress that she sees your dress and you in it with right height shoes and any specialised underwear (strapless bra or basque). I am a qualified seamstress with over 20 years experience, but specialise in bridal.  I have a basic rate for alterations but again this varies dress to dress. Good luck ladies hope this helps. Happy to give any advice. image


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    Hi there, what is a usual basic rate? i am struggling to estimate the cost for my budget but am not in a position to go see a seamstress yet. I need the dress taking in in certain places and the bust line lowering a little (it is a sweetheart underneath a layer of lace making a bateau neckline, i need the sweetheart under layer lowering, pics on my thread). what do you think i can expect to pay for this? any advice is appreciated. many thanks image

  • Hi Alex, as basic rates go I coludnt say if everyone has one they work from, I do as I'm self-employed and people like a guideline. just from experience I doubt that the bust line can b lowered, u would need a good amount of seam allowance to allow it to be lowered. With out seeing u in it, it may b a case of putting u into it properly so to speak. Are u wearing any kind of bra? Is it a lace up? Cost hard to say but it could a major alteration if possible. Sorry can't b more specific. Make sure the seamstress u use is experienced in Bridal wear to get the best advice and service image 

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