Winning Free a Free Honeymoon!

I would just like to start out by saying congratulations to everyone who is engaged to be married! I hope all your weddings are beautiful and your marriages last a very long blissful time! I am joyfully happy to be getting married this July to a wonderful man myself.  From one Bride to be to another I am asking for anyone who has a spare moment to help support me in a local contest and give me and my future husband the pleasure of being able to go on a HONEYMOON =) This contest is won by the bride to be who has the most LIKES on their Facebook Bridal Confidential picture submission. All you have to do is click the link bellow and like my photo and if you really want to help you can share it with your friends too =) So if you have a moment to spread a little joy to a young couple who would love to see some palm trees, THANK YOU SO MUCH XOX!

Bridal Confidential Submission to LIKE & SHARE

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