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Is £4k a resaonable budget?

Hi image recently got engaged and we've set a year for 2017, but the h2b thinks it's too early to start planning anything?! So that's my first you think it's too early to start planning?

Main question you think £4k is a reasonable budget? We're not planning on having a sit down meal, but going straight into a buffet with our guests. I think we will manage to save money for things like the cake (as h2b's auntie will do it), my mum wants to buy my dress and I have family in the hair & beauty trade. I work in hospitality too image

Everyone's thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!


  • £4k is a very reasonable budget, we are doing ours on £2k and we are doing own invites, own cake, reg office ceremony and no sit down meal just evening do with buffet, wedding car and photographer are both family friends so i think £4k is a good budget.

    2017 is not too early to start planning, some venues get booked upto 3yrs in advance! image

  • Amanda12Amanda12 Posts: 127

    Ours is likely to be under 3k. We are using an approved premise for the ceremony ( much nicer than our registry office and as we arent religious church wasnt an option. We are having a sit down meal for 30 family, then evening buffet/disco for 100. We have hired photographer, vintage VW campervan, and professional cake. 

    We know we can get OH suit from high street, i have budgeted £500 for me.

    friend is making button bouquet as didnt want flowers.

    we still have rings to buy but i am confident eveb factoring that in we will come in under 3k


  • Amanda12Amanda12 Posts: 127

    Sorry for split reply, ipad really doesnt like this forum.

    i think there are many ways you can save without compromising on your day. In my case i could afford to spend more but i really dont want to, we have been together a long time, so we have a nice life together already with weekends away etc and i want to carry on with that rather than spending more on say my dress that i will wear once.

    i think things like invitations can be done cheaply-people dont take much notice of the quality so keep them cheap. Favours tend to often get forgotten so again dont waste lots on those. If you are having bridesmaids use high street stores rather than bridal stores. Flowers and centrepieces can be done cheaply and look amazing too.

  • It is NEVER too early to start planning lol I have been for 3years and still have 6 months to go. You will hit a lull where there is nothing you can do but as I have found out the last 6 months is going to be hectic.


    Regarding budget I think the cost all depends on the person and type of wedding that you want.

    Registry office weddings are much cheaper than church or ceremonies at a venue

    artificial flowers are much better quality now than they have ever been and are really cheap.

    Ebay is fantastic for room decor.

    I made my own wallet style invites  and will be making my own stationary but you can get lovely printed ones on ebay for next to nothing.

    We are making shortbread biscuits for favours which is going to work out cheaper.

    For me I want my big fairytale church wedding with all of my family and friends and all of the trimmings but that comes with a big price so we have had to save for a few years to have it and I know it is not everyone's cup of tea and a lot of people wouldn't justify the cost.

    One tip I would give you is for your rings look out for the January and June/July sales we got all of wedding jewellery half price. We did the same for my engagement ring and got £1000 off. Definitely grab bargains whilst you can.

  • Hi the future mrs lee

    how exciting you seem to be the same as me, recently got engaged and planning for 2017 to allow lots of saving time for wedding and house!!! Im still not sure on budget either but just wanted to comment as we are in a similar situation good luck planning, at the moment I'm kind of taking my planning easy but the more i do the more excited i get and i want to plan even more haha, i have a theme in mind and colours and the kind of venue we want, and i think i kind of need to sort out a practice guest list so i know what kind of numbers i could be looking at so i know I'm looking at reasonable venues and i think i may even start to buy little bits and pieces for my decorations and themes as this isn't going to change and i want to do quite a bit of DIY bits so never too early for that I'm going to get a storage box and keep all my bits in that as i go image

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    Thanks for this tip

    thelittleangel wrote (see)

    One tip I would give you is for your rings look out for the January and June/July sales we got all of wedding jewellery half price. We did the same for my engagement ring and got £1000 off. Definitely grab bargains whilst you can.

    I will definitely be doing this!


    we're planning around the 3K  to 4K mark for 30 people - it's definitely do-able but be aware that formal photography may eat up a chunk of that amount (if you're having that - we're not)




  • Photographers are expensive and from what I have read on here the cheap ones generally don't offer a good service and some have regretted not paying that little bit more.

  • I think it is really to early to start a plan,buy you can start to pay attention to things that related to weddings and the budge depends on what kind of wedding you will have.

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