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I was wondering if anyone had hired catering into their venue and if so how much should I budget for? We want a sit-down meal for about 70 and buffet at night for about 120. All the venues I have looked at previously have their own catering, so when I found a beautiful venue without, I have no idea how much to expect to pay.


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    I'm still debating we are looking at around £35 per head for 3 course sit down meal and small evening buffet.  Keep an eye out some caterers add on VAT, extra for table linen, napkins, glass ware etc.  Also if you are bringing in your own drinks will charge per glass.

    So make sure you ask all your questions to get a full idea on your price!  

    I was shocked at some of the "all in" packages at venues I saw upto £130 per head and that only gave one reception drink 2 glasses of wine with dinner and a toast drink-ouch!

    also keep eye out for offers, percentage off or free canapés and barter down!  I'm in the process of bartering down now, love it!!image

  • We considered a few venues that included catering, and a few where they were separate. I got quotes for bringing in caterers so I could compare fully. I actually found it was cheaper to use a venue where it was all included, but that's not always the case.

  • I agree with Jules. It is much cheaper if you go through package.. I already tried it in my wedding.


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