DJs; how much is yours costing?

Can anyone tell me how much you have paid for your DJ as I'm not sure how much to budget for. What location is everyone from too as I'm sure this plays a big part in the price (I'm getting married in Surrey).

also, how did you choose your DJ?

thanks girls!


  • jemmykins09jemmykins09 Posts: 618

    mine is £250 but actually comes in my venue price, i only know because i asked for a breakdown of the charges. i didnt interview or anything as the DJ used to be the DJ for one of H2Bs fave clubs so it was a safe choice as i want r'n'b club music all night lol 


    i'm in newcastle upon tyne btw

  • Memza89xMemza89x Posts: 1,533 New bride

    We are up in Scotland and our DJ is costing £180 from 7.30pm-12am or an extra £20 to start at 7pm. I think DJs are quite hard to choose because you can get a sample cd of the kind of music they play but at the end of the day you won't really know how they interact with the crowd/play the right music until you are around them. The company we are using is a family business - we've used them for family parties and all of my work Christmas party nights they've done have been the best ones as they are really good with the crowd and play a good varitey of music. They also put out request slips on the tables and are really friendly image

    I had budgeted £270 as they are really popular and didn't expect them to be so cheap!

  • Mines £350. i chose him because he is a work colleagues/friends son. so I knew he be reliable. I'm also getting married in Surrey. I can give you his details if you like x

  • Annie12Annie12 Posts: 86

    Mines 350 too, Cornwall

  • MrsN2016MrsN2016 Posts: 147

    mmmmm....the DJ we really want is just over a grand! They do look amazing and i really want to book them but its so much more than everyone else has their DJ for!

    We are in London/Surrey so that of course does make a difference as prices for everything wedding orientated around here is just ridiculous.

    Other quotes ive got from other DJs who we didnt want to use are coming in at about 700 so we were thinking we should pay a bit more to get someone amazing and that we trust....but after reading your replies i now dont know what to do!

  • I had real trouble finding a DJ (I'm in Devon). Had quotes varying from 200 - 2000!! I couldn't believe the cost of the highest one. We have now found a company that will come and set up early in the day, and give us microphones for the speeches, and then come back for the evening at a cost of £500. I guess you need to think about how important this entertainment is for you! Could you try and negotiate on the price? I haggled mine down a bit.




  • loolah1loolah1 Posts: 396

    £250 and comes with our venue in Northumberland. From 7-Midnight.

  • Dani7Dani7 Posts: 41

    Ours is £350 and we are in Essex - he was one of our venue's recommended suppliers!

  • Gosh !!! we really need to put our prices up cos no DJ can come close to a great band. 

  • Karen62Karen62 Posts: 244

    Hi Annie12 would you be willing to tell me which dj are you using? We're Cornwall too & struggling to know who to chooseimage Kxx 

  • Hi ladies

    Prices obviously vary regionally.  I work London and the south east and my prices start at £545 for an early evening set up, and play from 7 pm to midnight (central London carries a premium, as do difficult venues e.g. basement, high rise etc).  My Classic service is high spec and clients get good value for their money - great testimonials.  It is important to establish what is included for the price as some DJs charge extra for what you might think should already be included e.g. wireless microphone, some mood lights etc.

    Jules, Website for DJ Jules

  • Lara1987Lara1987 Posts: 8

    Hi Folks, wow, It really does vary a lot. We paid £395, but I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for most of the time! I think the difference in cost mostly comes down to how professional {full time/part time/insurance/booking contracts/electrical safety checks/official website...} the DJ is, the amount of time/hrs needed and the quality and choice of the equipment which is supplied. My husband and I got married in Spring of this year {2015}. A truly wonderful day! We were told that the DJ had to have at least ten million pounds worth of PLI cover and a valid PAT certificate. We searched Google for potential DJ's as we wanted something a little more unique and stylish than what was being offered by the venue. We found Wedding DJ Cheshire who looked and sounded like just what we were looking for. We emailed them and received a reply back within a few hours. Daniel the owner, who is also the DJ could not have been more professional, helpful and friendly. His knowledge and choice of music is exceptional. He happily accepted our Top 30 playlist in advance, and actually played every track on the night! He also tailored the rest of the evenings music to our personal tastes, which complemented the evening perfectly. The sound and lighting were superb with a rotating mirror ball being the icing on the cake! All his equipment is of the highest quality and looks like it is brand spanking new. We opted to book the full premium package. We also booked a few additional hours to have an early set-up, this included the use of wireless microphones and their sound system for speeches and also a lovely selection of classy, relaxing background music for the Wedding Breakfast. We would highly recommend Daniel and Wedding DJ Cheshire to anyone looking to book a first-class DJ. Hope this helps! Lara x.

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    Hi, Our DJ is £400 and I'm based in the North West. He starts at around 7pm-12am. He was recommended by our Venue and he seems great. we can add extras on for more i.e special effects, large letters to display on the dance floor and also we can chose to have him there to be the toast master. We haven't opted for these extras as they're a bit pricey. you've just got to weigh up whether its worth splashing out on a DJ as they will be the ones entertaining all your guests and hopefully getting them up on the dance floor and keeping them there. No one wants an empty dance floor image Make sure you read reviews and you're not getting ripped off, I'm sure you've already done this though. Hope you find a DJ soon, I understand the stress of it until somethings booked. good luck xx

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