Bridesmaid dress budget?

i only have a few months until my wedding and we really need to order the bridesmaid dresses. 

i know some people will disagree with this but our bridesmaids are paying for their own dresses (I'm doing the same for one of their weddings. And it's the way all of our family and friends have done their weddings too so they' were all happy with this). 

I'm just wondering what everyone thinks is a reasonable price to expect people to pay. There's none on the high street that any of us like and that fit what we want. 

We really don't want to order dresses off a website incase they don't look nice on or don't fit properly. . The dress shops have told us we need to be ordering right away to get the dresses in time for the wedding so I'm worried if we wait around to order online by the time they turn up it will be too late to get any replacements ordered if the online ones aren't any good. 

I know people will say talk to your bridesmaids about their budgets  but I've tried and  getting no help on the matter. 


  • Amanda12Amanda12 Posts: 127

    I think only you know their circumstances-for us to suggest us quite tricky.

    personally I'd not want to spend more than £100 as shoes and accessories add up, not to mention costs for the day ( drink, hotel, taxi home etc).

    many other may feel £100 is too much if they don't earn well, or can afford more if they do!

  • RubyCatRubyCat Posts: 272 New bride

    It's up to them, you can't really set a budget if they are paying.

  • Lola4Lola4 Posts: 129

    I agree. They almost need to agree a budget themselves. Something which they are all comfortable to pay.image

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Personally Id pay around £75. Dresses don't need to be expensive, there are plenty of high street stores like New Look, Oasis, Debenhams etc that do nice dresses.

  • Louise24Louise24 Posts: 117

    You could always go to an outlet as that will show you're committed to ensuring they don't break the bank. I got my girls dresses from Ghost for about £75 (if memory serves me right) from the Swindon outlet.

  • Claire121Claire121 Posts: 113 New bride

    Let them agree a budget if they are paying. I would suggest no more than £100 as a starter for discussion.

  • ICW2014ICW2014 Posts: 111

    We ordered ours online- so many places do next day delivery now that its much quicker than getting an appointment at a dress shop. What isn't quick is getting all the girls together on one day to try on! I would try and get a date in the diary ASAP and make some appointments at dress shops, plus order some online from online only retailers plus high street stores like debenhams which have bigger ranges online than in store, and also likely to have a bigger range of sizes online.

    order a range of prices, meaning that you will know from their reactions how much they're willing to pay- ideally you would sort out budget with them before ordering but I appreciate people don't want to seem cheap by saying a low number! 

    The only thing to consider when ordering online is it the dresses need alterations you will need to find someone to do them, and also the girls will need to budget for that. Similarly, if you chose a maxi style in a dress shop, they will still need to pay for alterations but the shop might sort that for you.

    my advice is to try a range of options and see what works best! 


  • New-Mrs-SNew-Mrs-S Posts: 91

    Have a look at David's bridal, they do loads of dresses, different prices in the same colours, so they could all pick a style that suits their figure in their own budget, 

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