Bridesmaids Gifts. How much to spend?

I have 4 bridesmaid's i was just wondering what people normally budget for gifts?. I am buying them the bridesmaid dresses they are £70 each n then paying for the hair doing but they will pay for the make up if they are wanting it done. I was thinking of getting them a beaded bracelet that matches the color i'm having with some little bits please see attached image of bracelet. Personalized dress hanger and personalized glass?image


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    You can budget whatever you like and whatever you feel comfortable with. 

    I'm spending around £10 on mine, this will be a small jewellery gift as I've already paid for dresses, shoes, hair, flowers. They are only teenagers though and haven't contributed towards the planning, if they had and they were older I probably would have spent a bit more. 

  • i've spent about £70 each in total, but that includes their dresses, a freshwater pearl bracelet, and a designer necklace believe it or not!!! they've got loads of bits as i've bought on ebay from hong kong/china etc and saved a fortune. they 3 things i named above are the only things i bought from england lol

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    I'm not having BMs this time. My sister was one for me previously.  BUT if I was having BMs this time around, I would set my budget for the gift based upon two things: what my budget allows and how much help (and how little trouble!) the girls really were. My sister did not help at all with the planning of my wedding, so I did not feel obliged to get her a gift. I love my sister: it was nothing personal, she was just a busy student at the time. She was certainly not expecting a gift.

    I also think that most BMs aren't expecting anything large if the bride and her groom (or her family) have already covered a bunch of the related BM expenses (i.e. dress, shoes, hair).  

    I'm not much of a bits n' bobs, trinkets kind of person, so I know I wouldn't personally want a gift unless it was something sincerely useful or personalized. I wouldn't even want the bride to spend more money on me after the overall incredible cost of a wedding.

  • I've bought my bridesmaid earrings and a bracelet to wear on the day which she's seen and then for during the speeches I've bought her a scrabble piece frame picture that says Maid of honour, her name, thank you and our wedding date. She doesnt know about that gift but wanted a surprise and to thank her for all her help with the wedding and in general. I've only spent about £30 on her but I know she'll love it. 

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    I spent £25 each on my 3 bridesmaids. I wanted a gift that was a designer like pandora but I couldn't afford that so I bought them a Kate spade bangle each x

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    My two adult bridesmaids we spent £15 on a beautiful silver butterknife stamped with 'spread the love' as a keepsake, my young bridesmaid is getting a 'my day as a bridesmaid' book, and we bought their dresses, which were around £40 each. My MOH I'm treating to an extra gift..a spa weekend in September to say thank you as she really has been amazing x



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    maybe you could look it up on sale now

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