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Has anyone recently hired the luxury style toilets. I need them for 120-150 people for a mid afternoon until the following morning festival style shinding. I have had a look online but prices aren't very freely available! I'm in Sussex but I just want a rough idea for my budget.


We're also looking at hiring a generator for the band, toilets, etc but again Im clueless on the cost of things like this.


Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • a 64kWH generator (Size of a a square metre or so) is generally what event  companys use for such a number of guests.  This should be more than adequate.  In fact is it huge for modern events.  Everything now seems to run on led lighting, so there is little power draw at all.  Professional bands run digital power amps, with laser and digital lighting - ours for instance draws less than a 1000 watts, where by before - with old kit - you were taking up in the 6k watt range, which a lot of bands, particularly amateurs still have.   The other main concern is power for the caterers, if you are having them - this size generator will cover them as well - adequately.  Keith 

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