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Photo booths, proper ones v DIY!?


we we have always planned to have a DIY photo booth. Use old frames hanging from trees and props - we already have the props. This is a photo I recently took from a friends wedding that did this:



But then this weekend we went to a wedding with a proper hired photobooth and we loved it! We felt like more people got involved too! 

Live been looking at hiring one at its about 500 for three hours. Extortionate if you ask me. But we did really love it. With the DIY photo booth above we had a friend take the photos so if anyone has any suggestions of how to make this more inviting?

or any otheir advice :)



  • We had exactly the same dilemma! We also already have lots of props from various fancy dress outfits, and have decided to do it ourselves. I think maybe it's more inviting if there is a more of a set-up, i.e. camera on a tripod, clear instructions for setting up the timer etc. Ours will be inside, we don't have an exact plan yet but my hubby-to-be is doing some programming on a "raspberry pi" computer that he will wire up with some basic electronics (LEDs and such) to that guests just have to press a button and the lights will count down for each pose (fingers crossed this actually works!). We're also undecided about buying a printer so that guests have a photo to take home, which I think would be really nice... I'd be really interested to hear how you get on! When is your wedding? We're 1st July 2016 :D

  • This was my original inspiration for DIY, looks simple enough on the photo!




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  • Len3Len3 Posts: 55
  • I hired a photobooth for my wedding and it was such a hit with the guests. I know they can be expensive but mine was money well spent because it made all my guests smile, laugh and interact. I've been to some weddings with DIY photobooth and they didn't impress me at all. Again, only my opinion so take it lightly. Maybe you could cut your budget elsewhere to fit a photobooth in? 

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    I wanted a photo booth but they are way too expensive, and along with the fact it would be a squeeze to fit one on the venue we decided to DIY.

    But it's kind of a selfish DIY (the guest won't get a copy of the photo)- the bit we liked best from a photobooth was the guest book so we having a polaroid guest book. I got a Fujii Instax Wide (I think the Instax mini photos are too small) for £20 off Gumtree, some cool props and a chalk board sign with instructions. Then I bought a plain black guest book, gold pens and sparkly stickers. Haven't bought the film yet but the total cost will be around £100. I still think it will be fun for guests I will get my photo guest book, and I love the Vintage look of the polaroid snaps.

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