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budget gifts for the girls you won't find anywhere else...

I have just collected our wedding bands from the jewellery quarted in B'ham (which are fabulous!) I had had the idea of giving the bridesmaids matching jewellery the morning of the wedding -as their presents, but I wanted something that they wouldn't see on the high street.

After much hunting and many questions in the JQ, I have found the perfect solution - I am having them hand cut from silver to mine and H2B design. We are having a traditional theme to our wedding, and the pattern that features on the table cloths etc is damask. So, we are taking an aspect of that and that will be the pendant. To make them personal, I'm having there individual birthstones added. (I had the birthstone idea after we left, but the quote was still amazing - between £10 and £30 each depending on size and thickness, and a discount the more we ordered.

They were a lovely couple, and Pete (who makes the jewellery) can be found at P. B. Morris which is around the back of the main shops. About three or four of the six or seven shops we went in recommended Pete as having the skill to do the intricate design I wanted. The cheapest quote we got elsewhere in the quarter was for £150 each!

I just thought I'd share my idea - it's a way of being really personal, and a part of the wedding without costing a fortune.

For the present giving at the meal I will be presenting them with individual boxes of memories that remind me of them. (They are my uni friends and we will be going our seperate ways after the wedding - they are moving to Australia and Spain etc)



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    I forgot to say, he works with silver. They also mentioned that they make custom cufflinks for around £30 - maybe an idea for the men??
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