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Hi all


I was hoping you could give me an idea of how much an average bridal bouquet is?? What have you all spent on flowers? I'm thinking of getting a florist for the bouquets/buttonholes but then getting wholesale flowers for the reception venue.

We're getting married in SE London.

Any tips...?

Thanks :)


  • Eve-2Eve-2 Posts: 6

    Hi there,I am a florist based in South Wales,Eve Francesca Designs ,so I can give you a few ideas of prices,bouquets can range from £60 upwards depending on flower content and style.I always advise my brides to  try and work with seasonal flowers as they will be the most reasonably priced.


  • Ami7Ami7 Posts: 6

    Thanks Eve - that's helpful, and it's good to get an idea of the price outside of London so I can see what's reasonable here. I'm definitely up for seasonal flowers, and I love wild flowers as well, so hopefully they'll be less expensive then more ornate ones...



  • My bridal bonquet is £90 / bridesmaids £40 / buttonholes £6

    im based in Croydon, south London

  • Claire's costs seem similar to the quotes I got for flowers in London.

  • Louise24Louise24 Posts: 117


    Last month I did exactly what you describe. I had a florist do my bouquet, the buttonholes for all the groomsmen and corsages for the mums (circa £160 for bride, 7*buttonholes and 3*wrist corsages). Using the same selection of flowers I had picked with my florist we order in wholesale and did our own bridesmaid bouquets, reception flowers and aisle decorations. We use Triangle Nurseries, who are great. They have a wedding support hotline that can advise on the blooms at the time of year you're getting married. 

    Don't underestimate the amount of work it will take to get it all done - I very fortunately had a bridesmaid who is a dab hand with flowers and was very happy to skip hairdressers in the morning to prepare the venue for us. What a star! I really couldn't have done it without her. Most flowers need a few days to 'soak' so I don't think it's not as simple as going to the wholesaler on the morning of the wedding. The day before I was cutting stems and soaking hydrangeas in my bathtub! My front room was an absolute tip. But well worth it. 

    I attach a picture of the aisle decoration we did ourselves. Pinterest and wedding blogs are your friend when you don't have the creative input and experience from a florist!

  • Louise24Louise24 Posts: 117


  • I paid about £280 for a bridal bouquet, 2 bridesmaids, 4 button holes and 14 posies for jam jar vases. my florist was amazing, I didnt even meat with her, just said I wanted seasonal flowers and to keep the cost down.





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