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I previously posted a thread about having artificial flower bouquet's for my 7 bridesmaids...but I'm struggling to find any online, can anybody recommend a good seller on Ebay, a good website or anywhere that I can start looking at artificial flowers? My aunty will help me arrange them so I just need to buy the stuff...


Also..any advice on how many flowers I even need for 7 bridesmaids? Completely NO idea!!!

Thanks x


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  • I'm afraid I don't know sorry, but somewhere I would look is on facebook - looks for a crafting group for crafty people and ask for someone who can make these... i'm sure you will get plenty of offers 

    a couple of groups I've just looked up are:

    The Handcrafters Network

    Handmade Craft Network UK

  • what kind of artificial flowers are you wanting? real look, foam, silk etc? 

    i had foam flowers for my bridesmaids and each bouquet cost less than £2 to make. image

    the bridesmaid ones are the black ones and my throwing bouquet is the far right which cost about £8 to make



    my daughter had this flowerball which cost about £8 to make too xx

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