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I really, really, really want a photo booth, we just can't afford it, my oh is adamant saying no, it's a waste of money/money could be spent elsewhere (I agree) but I really want one, but they are waaay out of our budget. I can't find anything to cut back onenough to afford it and if I did he'd probably say no anyway lol. 

Iknow I could make a diy one but it just won't be the same.


  • We used a Fiji film Instax Mini 8 Polaroid camera which was great fun for guests and much cheaper than a photo booth, plus you can keep it after and use it again or sell it on and get some of your money back.

    We had a frame with a couple of rows of twine going across it for guests to peg their pictures to and we've been able to keep them as momentos from the day, there are some really great pictures.

    Just an idea!

    We set it up by having a vase with a number of wedding themed photo props, a sign saying "Grab a prop and strike a pose!", the camera, frame, mini pegs and spare film all on a little table. It worked really well. 

    Alternatively an even cheaper way to do it would be just to have a little sign somewhere asking people to use a certain hash tag on Instagram if they post pictures on the day... then you can look at them all later.

  • What would be classed as out of your budget? We paid £395 for ours...would this work? If so I can send you details :) 

  • Try The Guest Factor. They offer photos, videos and even a karaoke option but you can chose what you do and don't want.

    Worth a look around at what is available and you never know, if your fiancé see's something he really likes it may change his mind.

    They're not the usual massive booth but a screen built into a stand (worth a look on their website)


  • Mrs LJMrs LJ Posts: 7

    My partner wasn't too bothered about having a photo booth but he knows that I really want it so he agreed we can have it at our wedding. We're paying £350 including photo album, 2 printed copies, all photos saved on a USD stick for us and a choice of background. We went for the cheapest one we could find around this area.

    You only do it once so I think it is important to do what you truly want. Otherwise you might regret it.

  • I wanted a photo booth but decided against it beacuse i would rather put the money towards a videographer. There is also an app called Wedpics you and your guests can download before the day and they could use their own phones and cameras if you supply the props and maybe a handmade big frame. xxx


  • You could try Groupon. They've got photo booth deals on there for £199, which I think is a bargain. Will be using them myself as its only a couple of hours, and something to add a little fun to the evening too :) 

  • EflemEflem Posts: 7

    Bygone photobooth and blushbooth are my favourites. Probably not super cheap but the quality of the photos are excellent. 

    I've seen a few diy instax photo booth type set ups, these do work really well and are pretty cheap. You can buy the film on amazon in bundles. Make sure you have someone keep an eye on when the shots run out as I know a lot of guests struggle to load in a new set of film. Especially after a few jaegerbombs. 

    Here's a few ideas for setting up the instax photo booth .. 



  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    I'm doing an Instax photo guest book too. I actually love the retro look of it vs a photo booth- and it's a heck of a lot cheaper. I'm using an Instax wide rather than the mini as I like the bigger photos. The camera was £20 off gumtree, the film is around £15 for 20 shots- total cost including props, guest book, pens and stickers for decoration will be about £150. I've had a lot of fun putting it together, and its cheaper and takes up less room than a photo booth. I did originally want a booth, but it had to be a proper one with retro strip style photos and they are expensive. The cheaper ones often just print a normal 6x8 photo.

  • I'll start by saying I make photo booth props for many of the professional photo booth companies in the UK.

    You can do a booth yourself successfully but a booth will provide prints which can be taken away with a copy left for you.    The pictures should be better quality too, with good lighting.  And they provide a real feature with staff to help guests in the booth. Queues can form and with everyone drunk can you really rely on your guests to take good pics?  

    Use a reputable firm.  The Groupon people are cheap, but I've heard some absolute horror stories of Brides being let down last minute.  A good booth company will be fully booked months in advance.  The quality of the pictures taken should be better too.  So shop around for someone who matches your wedding goals.

    If you do decide to do it yourself a guest book is essential and needn't be expensive.  Just a few well chosen reasonable quality fancy dress props are worth investing in.  Cheapest items will break before the evening gets going and look tatty.  Have fun making a back drop that works with your theme, paper streamers, giant paper flowers, photos for your honeymoon destination maybe.

    This whole set up is a good fun job to give to someone offering to help and who will take pains to make it great fun.   I hope this is helpful advice.

    Using Instax as suggested about is £20 plus £15 for 20 pics.  A Booth expects to put around 80 pics in the guest book so that's £15 x 4  = £60.  Props - around £30-£60 plus anything you spend on décor and the costs are already going up over £100 if you DIY.

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455
    Louise.norman wrote (see post):

    I really, really, really want a photo booth, we just can't afford it, my oh is adamant saying no, it's a waste of money/money could be spent elsewhere (I agree) but I really want one, but they are waaay out of our budget. I can't find anything to cut back onenough to afford it and if I did he'd probably say no anyway lol. 

    Iknow I could make a diy one but it just won't be the same.

    honestly, if you don't have the budget for it what can you do? It really won't make or break your wedding, I've been to loads of great weddings without them! 

  • SAKSAK Posts: 9

    We are having a videographer and photographer so are doing a DIY photo booth. Amazon has lots of prop packs for approx 10 quid, and with a little creativity it'll be perfect!

  • MrsC2018MrsC2018 Posts: 191 New bride

    I never wanted a photobooth and H2B definitely doesn't. However, I now think they are good for passing the time away and it's fun for the guests, which is why it is something I am now considering.

    I have thought about a DIY booth and will probably go down that route. I have looked at the Instax cameras and I do own a polaroid already but the thing that worries me is that you don't get many shots and I think people will abuse it a bit - everyone is so used to taking pics over and over again to get it perfect and this obviously doesn't work with instant ones. I have some ideas though, such as polite signs or my teenage nieces looking after the photobooth as I think they will find it fun.

    Alternatively, and this is directed at OP, there is no need to provide a camera and prints. Just having props is fine since everyone has a smartphone these days and they will most likely just want the pics to put up on social media which they can do themselves. A wedding I went to last year did this and it worked really well. You could provide selfie sticks to make it easier for people to take pics together


  • We are having a DIY photobooth and its cost us £80... we ordered one of these 'instagram frames' for £35:

    Then ordered a cheapo digital camera for £20 on amazon along with a tripod for £10... I might pop a selfie stick there too!

    We've also got a load of props, which would have only been £5 then I found these awesome wooden ones with our first dance song lyrics on in speech bubbles so had to get those too for an extra £10 XD 

    So all in all its £80...

    We'll set up the tripod facing the frame with basket of props and a sign with our wedding hashtag on. TBH I expect most people will use their phones instead of the digital camera (which will be better as it was a seriously cheap camera and picture quality isnt great lol!) So we definitely could have saved the £30 but we thought having those would make it more of a 'photobooth'. 

    It's definitely one way to do it on a lower budget so worth considering if it's something you really want! xx

  • MrsC2018MrsC2018 Posts: 191 New bride

    Italy Bride - I think this is similar to what I have in mind. I rarely use my digital camera now so had the idea to stick that on a tripod so it's an option to use along with people's own smartphone. We will give one of the bridesmaids the camera to upload all the pics the next day for everyone so we don't have to worry about it and people won't need to wait

  • MrsRendall2BMrsRendall2B Posts: 749 New bride

    John Lewis are doing a good deal on the Instax 'wedding pack' - wide camera, 60 shots, photo mounts, guestbook and pen for £150. See link below!

    Can easily buy extra film as well if you're worried about running out. Seems like a nice cheap alternative! :) 

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