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Hi ladies, I need help!!

I know everyone goes on about how important the photographer is for your big day, how did everyone decide on their budget?

I have got 3 photographers lined up, varying between £800 and £1850. All 3 come with recommendations, are offering similar packages and I like the work of all 3 so how do I decide? 

Is it worth spending £1850 when I can get similar for £800? 

Our budget is 10k (not including the wedding dress or honrymoon)  the venue package has taken 50% of this so if we go for the dearer photographer,  we will need to cut back elsewhere or extend the budget. Is it worth it?


HELP!! xo


  • Put the names in a hat (literally) and pick one out. If you feel disappointed then that ones not for you! £950 is a big big difference.. Can I ask who your options are? I struggled to choose our photographer for about a month and was everntually down to choosing between 4.. It was murder! Xo

  • Chloe16Chloe16 Posts: 83

    Have you met them? Go with you gut, go with the one you felt most comfortable with, if you love their work and trust them, feel comfortable with them then it will make for a better day and more natural and relaxed photos. 

    Some other good points to consider in this article here:

    The difference in cost maybe down to experience, the one thing with photos is you only get one chance, so sometime spending more for that experience an make a big difference when you see your photos. 


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