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Bridesmaid dresses - dilemmas

hello lovely ladies!

Am getting married in June and got most things more or less sorted but my problem lies with my bridesmaids dresses. I have a rough idea for colours (pastels) but my three bridesmaids are differing sizes from a size 8' size 14 and size 24 which makes it difficult to buy high street dresses. 

I have just ordered a sample dress from In One Clothing and had a try on myself but they seem really faffy and I'm not convinced at all which is really disheartening as I though my dilemma was sorted. 

I would like to spend as little as possible on the dresses but am really struggling. Initially I set aside £600 for the bridesmaids budget, but virtually everything else for the wedding has gone over budget so would likento cut back. £200 per dress (as I am paying) seems a lot for one day.

My friend had a similar dilemma a couple of years ago and decided to buy hers online from light in the box which at first I was dubious about after hearing bad reviews, but the dresses were lovely. I am debating whether to do the same and order from there but hear horrible stories and  worried if they're not right will spending even more money buying replacement dresses. 

Can anyone please help? Xx


  • Look at Coralie Beatrix on Etsy. She does Octopus and multiway dresses in a variety of colours and sizes. She has great reviews. Might be worth a look?

  • Why not give them a colour swatch to match their dresses to, they can then shop in shops they know and find a dress that fits them and they feel comfortable in?

    Just am idea as I'm doing the same :) dresses to suit bridesmaids rather than one dress for all.

  • Have alook around online or try to find some Street shops near where you live & get them to recommend somewhere 

  • Have you tried ASOS? They have some nice bridesmaid dresses available in regular, petite and curve

  • Hi,

    I second ASOS! I bought my 5 bridesmaid dresses there in the sale (Kate Lace Maxi) which went down to £33! I bought the navy blue but they also do light pink which might fit into your scheme. 

    They are just what I was after, my bridesmaids love them, and they come in tall, standard and petite so something for all of them!

    Good luck - I think I found the bridesmaids dresses more stressful than my own! x

  • waanderwaander Posts: 20

    Hi, I think you can try Luulla. At first Im quite afraid of buying them online but last year when my sis got married she get her bridesmaid dresses on this site and they are FABULOUS ! Most important is the dresses are cheap and the sellers provide size or colour customisations !

    Hope this might help you ^^ Cheers

  • Hannah218Hannah218 Posts: 39

    Hi. I've had light in the box dresses twice as a bridesmaid and they've been beautiful. They've always needed a bit of adjustment, particularly full length ones that need taken up, but the quality has been excellent and they do all range of sizes. My bridesmaids will be wearing ASOS dresses which were about £40 each and they are beautiful! I guess it depends on what look you're going for, but I'd really recommend light in the box!

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