Wedding budget for destination wedding... help please!!!

Hi all =]

I am planning an Italy destination wedding, and have found my venue and am very excited! Its Costa dei Barbari in Viareggio, which is on the coast in Tuscany near to Pisa. 

I have a quote from wedding planner, but still need to add on cake, transport, music, rings, gifts, bridal party attire, hair and make up, mine and groom's outfits etcetcetc... the list seems never ending!!! 

I just wondered what sort of budget people have applied to each 'service' as such... My parents will be contributing the majority of the funds, and so I want to have a rough guide of exactly how much EVERYTHING would cost! 

Also, our wedding planner has given us an overall quote, is this common, or do they normally break it down? Which is better? 

Was so excited to find the venue... but now comes the serious budget plannng (the worst bit!) and it's all a little daunting... once this part is done then we can book and have all the fun stuff to plan lol =]

Thanks in advance for any help! xxx


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    Congratulations on booking your wedding  - when are you getting married? Do you have any pictures of your venue?

    I can give you a rough break down of how much we have allocated to everything (in pounds not euros unfortunately!) - but it is subjective and very much depends on your own personal priorities.

    Cake - £120

    Transport - £375

    Music - £550 (live band, we are lucky in that my dad and the best man will do the music in between the bands sets)

    Rings - £600 (both, not each!)

    Gifts - £180 for 6 bridal party members

    Bridal party attire - this is a difficult one, but I have allowed £1000 for me, bridesmaids have cost me a grand(!) total of £40 each  and I think the groom & best men's suits are budgeted for at about £350 altogether 

    Hair - £100 for myself & 3 bridesmaids. I am not having a MUA

    I would prefer to see the quote broken down myself, and would go back and ask for this (personal preference!). I found doing the budget the hardest part! Once you have a realistic idea of figures, you can start to enjoy it.





  • Hi,

    ARGH thanks so much for your reply, definitely making me sloghtly stressed thinking of all the extras - what about stationery, our accommodation, photographer, other decorations... i just keep thinking of more and more things we need to incorporate into the budget - nightmares lol!!!

    Where are you getting married? Are you using a planner? - yes I agree, I think a breakdown of the costs will be helpful, as then we can see exactly which parts are increasing the costs. I hope she can give a detailed breakdown! 

    I have 5 bridesmaids and a flower girl (!) PLUS the best man, usher, junior usher and page boy... so the wedding party attire alone is going to add up. I think I definitely want hair and make up artist, but unsure on if I should pay for bridesmaids as well or just gove them the option to have it done and pay for their selves if they want it" 

    Venue isn't booked yet but they have confirmed availability, but as it'll all be through the planner I need to do the budgets first! But planning late June/ early July 2017 :-) 

    Got some pictures below... I LOVE it <3 (of course! haha) 


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    Your venue is stunning - you'll have some incredible photos!! Have you been out to visit the venue?

    The budget is definitely a difficult one - I am finding that even with a full budget drawn up, its incredibly hard to stick to! There are always things you haven't budgeted for... Much the same as everyday life lol.

    I am getting married in Caldicot, South Wales. No, no planner (I'm secretly really enjoying the planning so far!).

    That's a decent sized bridal party. I don't see why you cant give them the option on whether they would like to pay for it themselves - I am a bridesmaid for a friend later this year and will be sorting out my own hair/make up. I am just glad my dress and shoes are taken care of so don't mind the expense of having my hair done  although do be aware, if you aren't paying for it, then you wont have any rights to tell them how you want it done!

    That's so exciting - I'm June '17 too.


  • Oh thanks so much, we are super excited! Yeah, we went out last week to see all our short-listed venues and this one was the winner =] Was so nice to actually visit and get the feel for the place! 

    Yeah I think I will probably give the option... or if I say I have £150 or £200 per bridesmaid so if we find cheaper dresses can pay for hair/make up but if theyre £150 each then cant and it's up to them? Etiquette is so hard haha! Especially with it being abroad I know they already have to pay for flights etc so want to be generous as possible! 

    I think they would probably choose to pay heair anyway as will want to look good in pics but who knows!

    Oh I wouldnt have had a planner if doing it in the UK, I love the planning too! But it makes much more sense for a wedding abroad to put my mind at ease and use a planner for language barrier and all the legalaties.

    Oooo what's your date? I cannot WAIT to have it booked in and confirmed!!! xx

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