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Evening Catering - Price Insurance??

Hi everyone, 

Been a member a while, not posted anything before but have enjoyed reading all the threads :-) 

I'm getting married June 2017, we are having a church ceremony followed by reception at a local Village Hall. We are on a tight budget so i am DIY ing a lot of the decorations/ invitations etc, even flowers! (Or attempt to!) 

We are having an Afternoon Tea for the day guests late afternoon then a big BBQ/ Paella in the evening for all our guests. 

I have received my amended quote back from the evening caterers this week and he has mentioned that seeing as my wedding is so far away he recommends taking out 'price insurance' which is stipulated in the contract as '

The CLIENT may opt out of cause 3 by paying a fixed cost insurance of 10% of estimated

contract cost for every year the booking proceeds the event.' 

Has anyone else come across this in their dealings with caterers? I obviously know that costs fluctuate and are likely to increase, so are they saying that i pay 10% of the total cost quoted with my deposit to secure price, or pay an extra 10% on top of the total quoted price? 

Thanks ladies x




  • This is very strange.  It sounds like they are asking for 10% of the full cost for each year to stop any price increases over and above that.  So that is 20% for 2 years.   That is a very large price increase and would probably only be that high if the company has decided to radically change its offering. For example go into a completely different market, go high end etc.  

    We booked our caterer 2 years in advance so I put a 10% contingency in our budget just in case (5% a year was the maximum I was told prices might increase) and guess what, prices haven't go up AT ALL so I had an extra few hundred £ to spend on something else.

    I would not go for this insurance!

    Has anyone else had their venue or catering quote increase by more than 20%?

  • HenrietaHenrieta Posts: 1

    Hi i just joined. reading your post. would u be up to the idea of buying gourmet food high quality restaurant style food all frozen in boxes that you can buy and store for upto 18 months in the freezer,you get the freezer free if you buy certain amount of boxes from them. Im buying stuff for my wedding this way and it cames with a taste guarantee .i can send out local guys details if interested. on his price list there is paella and all meats for BBQ. 

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