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Realistic figures (If there's such a thing)

Ok, I'm sure we've all read the figures for the average wedding expenditure, but I'm not too keen on information drafted from those who lack, for a better word, experience lol.

I'd much rather hear from recent brides and my fellow b2b on the real nitty gritty. 

Main areas of interest are

● Dry Hire venue costs

● Catering fees (also what is being included)

● MUA fees (for entire bridal party including MOTB)

●Church fees

● Transport

Thanks a million in advance xxx


  • L56YAYWL56YAYW Posts: 46

    Phone around, and get quotes. Compare them. Don't necessarily go with the cheapest, but don't get robbed! Things like this vary, it depends on the type of venue (Manor House vs Conference Centre etc, difference in prices between North and South of England etc, the list goes on!)

    Check Trip Advisor for venues, to see other people's opinions. Reviews might tell you whether you are getting your money's worth or not! Also Facebook reviews for MUAs etc, I foolishly chose the cheapest MUA to start with, and she was a nightmare. I switch to someone a little more expensive, but she was miles better, I was so much happier.


    Happy planning!!

  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 876 New bride

    Hi Ash

    I am unable to help with a lot of the above, although there are a few brides on here who will be able to give you advice on dry hire venues and catering. In terms of MUA - this is dependant on how many members there are in your bridal party! The quotes I received were approximately £75 for bridal make up and £45 per bridesmaid.  Church fees, again I can't help with. We are having a civil ceremony. In terms of transport, we have booked an old VW campervan, from 11:30am until approx. 2pm for £375. I got quotes from several companies ranging from £295 to £450.

    Hope this helps in part! x

  • Ash-- wrote (see post):

    Ok, I'm sure we've all read the figures for the average wedding expenditure, but I'm not too keen on information drafted from those who lack, for a better word, experience lol.

    I'd much rather hear from recent brides and my fellow b2b on the real nitty gritty. 

    Main areas of interest are

    ● Dry Hire venue costs  Ours is £3,000 for exclusive use of a castle, marquee and bridal suite.

    ● Catering fees (also what is being included) £41 pp for nibbles and 4 course meal with bespoke menu 

    ● MUA fees (for entire bridal party including MOTB) £485 for bride, 3 BMs, SIL and SMOB

    ●Church fees NA

    ● Transport NA


    HTH x 


  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555

    Hi Ash,

    Our church wedding is costing us about £700. The legal bits are about £400 and the rest you can pick and choose. The organist, choir and church bells come in as extras and we've also had to pay to play licensed music and have our ceremony filmed. Depending on the time of year, you may need to heat your church too! 

    Transport depends on what you want, how long for and the distance. We have a car for £400 for the day plus £800 on bus transport for our guests from hotels to the church and then onto our reception venue.

    Hope this helps!


  • HereitgoesHereitgoes Posts: 206 New bride

    Hi soon to be Mrs carberry...

    I think what's important is first deciding what your ideal budget is and then look at your realistic budget. Then the budget youre willing to go over just in case you go over all the above budgets lol (it happens). Then you'll be able to rule out bits that aren't necessary.

    DRY HIRE VENUE COSTS: I would say once you find you're venue, you'll see how much work needs to be done to it. If you're still looking, try and find one that has certain features that will help keep cost down on hiring decorations. I wasnt a fan of back drops and shiny material hanging everywhere so I chose a venue that was mostly had a fresh, contemporary feel to it. Our venue is in Richmond Park,  which means I was able to cut down on flowers abd certain types of lighting because the venue had so much natural beauty surrounding it, I didn't have to recreate much. Most dry hire you're looking at £3000 or more depending on the peak or off peak season you're getting married in. Our venue dry hire cost us under a grand because we chose to get married just before the wedding seasons begins  (March). I spent £1500 on hiring irems and was able to get a discount as I met the wedding vendors at the wedding Show last year. We chose designer chair covers to go. They do EVERYTHING. One of my best decisions. Mary is an amazing wedding organiser. Also take your theme into consideration, especially if it's a specific style, which might require more detail and styling.

    CATERING: We made the decision to use their inhouse caterers for everything minus the sweetie table, which has brought the stress down to be honest of finding waiting service and having to supply our or cutlery and glasses, which a lot of these external company's were trying to charge me extra for. It also depends how how big your party is. My cousin spent over £10,000 alone on food due to having 200 people at her wedding. She used external caterers that provided caribbean and Asian food. 

    MUA fees: I used to work on the Bobbi brown makeup counter and realised that fees really do depend on the person you get and what their portfolio shows you they can do. Most charge  £65 for a trial and up to £150 on the day for a dew hours even more if you want them to stay the whole day to do touch ups. Possibly even more if you've got a huge bridal party.

    CHURCH FEES: Now this is wish I had known a lot more before. Besides knowing that God had to be at the centre of our wedding there was no compromise in it not being in a church. We paid near enough £900 because they wanted money for the church hire, plus a deposit just in case you're late (£500 😣) and then you pay for the registrar and the extra bits...our church made us pay for use of the audio, just to get someone to press play on the CD player. If you are a member of a church it is free and that is why many find the church first, become a member for 6 weeks before the wedding then never return. I am a member of a church but was unable to use it on that day. The venue we are using is a very popular church in Tooting and so cost us a bit more then maybe another church would. The church was also closer to the venue, which will help those having to travel down. Try and find a church that will include all the extras in the price like the audio and the use of the instruments etc.

    TRANSPORT: I left that to my H2B as he is much better at bringing down prices it came under £1000. We have two cars one for just the bridesmaids (I've chosen 4). That's something to consider too, if you're having a big bridal party you will need and extra car. My cousin used 3 as she had 8 bridesmaids. If you've got friends with a gorgeous car you could actually get them to be apart of the wedding day and save on spending a fortune on cars by getting them to drive your bridal party. 

    We've been planning this day for just over 10 months and now I've got 8 days to go. Also think of your wedding cake cost too as that can save you hundreds of pounds if you have someone who can make it for you.

  • MrsM3MrsM3 Posts: 138

    Church is costing us around £430.  Food around 1,000k (we are doing bbq and hog roast and buffet), Venue around £3k (land and marquee), Makeup for me and three bridesmaids around £130 - Hair about the same.  Can't help with transport as we have our own Volkswagen camper.  Definitely shop around because you don't need to pay over the top prices x



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