hi ladies! 

How much is a reasonable price for a videographer? I've found a company, have watched all their videos and love them. spoke to them today and they've quoted me £1500 for approx 7 hours filming, edited video of the day, highlights video and 3 DVDs.

is this a good deal or am I going to be paying way over the  odds? 


Thanks x


  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    There was another thread on here recentley about a videographer quote that you may want to check as it got some good advice- and I'll say the same thing I did on that one- it's not a bad quote but if you want to get it cheaper then you can! Videographer prices vary dramatically from a few hundred to thousands. Mine is £600 for around 10 hours filming, editing, 30 min video (plus full length ceremony and speeces) and a DVD/online copy. Their videos are good- not amazing but good enough and I didn't want to spend any more! So you can get it cheaper. But it depends- if you love their style and it's something you are willing to spend more money on then go for it. I chose to spend more money on my photographer and less on the video- it's all about what your priorities are!

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    Hi sammykate

    thanks for your reply! I will definitely shop around a bit more! I've had quotes ranging from 700-2500 so am just confused by it all!! 

    £600 is an amazing price, and much more my price bracket!!



  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    They actually cost £495 but we paid £50 extra to have them stay until the fireworks at 10pm and another £50 extra as my partner wanted copies of all the raw footage! They were the cheapest one I found that looked half decent- some quotes were coming out at 2k, I was really shocked with the prices!

    Where is your wedding? I think location can have a big impact on price!

  • AdelemkAdelemk Posts: 118

    I'm getting married in Chelmsford,Essex and it does seem that Essex/London prices are more than other parts of the country! Maybe I could find a videographer located further afield and pay for their petrol!! 

    whereabouts is your wedding taking place?x

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Mines in the Cotswolds- my videographer is Cherish wedding films-

    I think they cover a larger area but they may not be what you are looking for- their videos are fairly basic, just fairly plain and edited to music. But I just wanted a record of the day that I can watch with my kids and grandkids one day- no fancy effects required!

  • AdelemkAdelemk Posts: 118

    I will check them out thank you! Yes I'm the same,we have two little ones so will be nice to show them the video in years to come! i don't want anything fancy either just something better than a drunk family member stumbling around with a camera haha!! xx

  • Samantha86Samantha86 Posts: 210

    did you check on fredmiranda website?

    thats many cool photograpers , and thats for free, some of them can do the videography to

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