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Hello, my partner and I are looking to get married this year.

We recently lost his mother and it made us realise that we wanted to get married whilst we still have everyone else still here as we don't want to lose anyone else who we are close to. We don't want a fancy wedding and I do not want to get ourselves in to any debts. We know a photographer, someone to do our invites and cake and someone who can also do the flowers. My partner is catholic and so we will be married in a church and we were thinking of having the reception in either a village hall or a local pub as we just want it to be a nice and chilled day for everyone to party. We worked out there will roughly be about 80 - 90 for the ceremony and about 100-110 for the reception. We are going to have a buffet and possibly a hog roast. I am going to try and DIY other things and source out decorations etc from charity shops or places like the range, b and m. I just wondered do you think £4,000 will be enough for this type of wedding? Any help or advice would be lovely as I don't really have the first clue on how to plan a wedding x


  • AM2BAM2B Posts: 20

    Spreadsheets are your friend!! You can easily keep track of how much you have saved, what you have left to get and what you have spent.

    We are similar to you in that we know a photographer, however she photographed my cousins wedding a couple of years ago and couldn't relax as a guest. This would be fine if you didnt intend on having them as a guest. If she was a guest you would have difficulty getting them to shoot bridal preparations as they would be getting ready themselves. We have ended up going though another person as we would like our guests to be able to enjoy our day with us!

    Also try social clubs etc. We had a great deal with ours that came in under 2k for pork & stuffing baps with chips for 100 as our wedding breakfast and a hot and cold buffet for 150 as our evening accompaniment. Also included was a candy cart and chair and table covers, with bows and runners. We are having our wedding cake as our evening desert and the room have said that for a charge we can take our own deserts for the daytime.

    Our budget is around 7k and I can't see what we could remove from that but other people have different ideas as to what is important and this is how I advise you to start planning, write down everything you think you need and anything else you want in two columns and work from there. 😊

  • I think you will be fine :)


    hog roasts are so cost efficient! and feed alot of people! 

    one thing is the church costs i think its nearly £500 minimum(for the legal bit) ours is more as we are having bells and choir and organist - then we have to pay more to  have it recorded! - we had to book our church last year and we only got the last time available of 1:30 and we dont get married till next year! 

    but you can pic up village halls really reasonable and as you want to get married this year might get a deal!


    just budget and have a little put by for an emergency ! 


    and spread sheet till you cant spreadsheet no more!


    our budget was £10k but quickly went up to £15 k but we had the time to save so wasnt a problem and now i get married next july and everything has been fully paid and settled



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    I think you will be fine! We are having similar scenario, just no church.. We are having a meal, but just with the family members, and then a party with friends with some buffet type of food. We are having 60 people at the ceremony, 24 for the meal and around 90 will come in the evening party. So far it adds up to £3000.... So I think you will be fine! :) you can read my planing thread if you want to see how we are spending our money. :))

  • Something to consider is where you are in the country... We've found that costs differ massively the closer you get to London x


  • i noticed that too also where abouts in the country im un surrey and our venue is costing arround £5000 before food and drink just as a shell including (tables and chairs) 

    but up north they were half the price.. or the same as ours but including everything (like a package) 

    think you just have to be savy! and look about and dont be afraid of trying to negotiate the price down

    my friend saved money on the cake she asked instead of gifts if her nans and aunties of both of them could all make a cake and they had a cake table as their wedding cakes instead of a tiered cake then didn't serve pudding everyone just got a piece of cake they wanted (there was tones Vicky sponge, lemon drizzle, chocolate fudge, fruit, coffee, - some even made tarts too think there was a lemon tart and a ki-lime pie ) it went down so well! and cost them NOTHING! 

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    I think to work out if you have a realistic budget you should make a spreadsheet, as suggested above! Write down everything you need for the wedding- you can find lists online, although they will include a bunch of stuff you won't need. Then put in how much each thing will cost and see how it adds up. If it's more than your budget, look through and see if there's anything you can cut out or cut down on- if not, you need to consider upping the budget.

    My original budget was 8k, but in having a spreadsheet this way it quickly showed me that wasn't going to be enough. I would have loved to do it all for 8k, but better to realise now that it wasn't going to happen rather than get into trouble down the road! Don't just guess numbers- research. I originally budgeted £200 for the registrar, not realising they cost over £500! And my original dress budget was £800- until I realised you can't get a designer dress with alterations for that figure. But you can easily get one from Wed2B, the high street or a sample sale for that much- so it all depends on what you want and where you are willing to compromise.

    I think your biggest challenge will be your numbers- a meal for 80-90 people is expensive. I researched the option of using the village hall local to my parents as the hire cost is only £100- but by the time I had paid for catering, drinks, staff, crockery, tables, chairs, etc- the cost was more than my hotel wedding package where everything is taken care of for me. Hog roasts can be a good idea as you mentioned, or consider buying in platters of sandwiches etc from M&S or Waitrose. Perhaps consider having a later ceremony around 4pm so you only need to cater once instead of twice? And then just have nibbles in the evening. One thing I so wouldn't cut costs on is having enough staff to serve and clean up. They might be an expense, but do you really want Granny to end the day by doing all the washing up? No. You may find it's more cost effective to have a pub as you suggested so you don't have to pay for staff and equipment hire costs.

  • Wow this thread is so helpful as I'm in the same boat! I love me a good spreadsheet so I took AM2B's advice and started with a list (below) that I can put approximate costs against. It seems a bit short, am I missing a few things?

    Ceremony Venue           


    Reception Venue            





    Wedding Dress

    Grooms Suit      

    Bridesmaids Dresses     

    Groomsman Suits           




    Gifts for Bridesmaids     

    Gifts for Groomsman    

    Gifts for Parents              

    Grooms Gift      

    Brides Gift          



    Accommodation for relatives    

    Wedding Cake   



  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 876 New bride

    Accessories - for bride and possibly bridesmaids - if you choose to pay for theirs (jewellery, shoes, you may need a petticoat with your dress, and underwear!), hair and make up (although you can get away with not having these/using a friend if you are on a budget!), and band/DJ (again, you could get away with not having these and using a playlist if you wanted to )




  • Samantha86Samantha86 Posts: 210

    ya, thats based on your location

  • Karen62Karen62 Posts: 244

    Hi Bekah

    I would say 4000 is doable but as others have said number of guests is the big thing. ours is coming out at between 8-10 for 90-100 day guests & an extra 100ish for evening still waiting on a few replies!! more than half of our budget is food & drink😀 Can send you my costs if you want them.

    i echo the spreadsheets they are a brilliant way of tracking spend & estimating final castings. Prioritize what's essential & important to you, we listed all possible & then allocated funds or crossed off depending on importance & be prepared to change your mind!!lol we didn't think video was important but have now book one after thinking it through.

    good luck 



  • Hello Ladies,

    If you are planning your wedding on a budget (but not limited to), I may be able to offer you wedding make-up completely free!!😊

    While I have been qualified and worked as a make-up artist for nearly 10 years, I am now moving more towards free-lancing and trying to build my portfolio focusing on a wedding make-up.

    I have previously worked with companies like Gucci, Hourglass, Lancome and only use premium products.

    I will only ask for my travel costs to be covered, if the venue is outside London and of course, for wedding pictures showing me work to be provided, as well as rights to use them. (*only pre-agreed pictures will be used that we are both happy with. I have the highest work ethics and respect this to be a very special event for you)

    Please get in touch if you are interested and good luck with your wedding prep!

    Sylvia xx



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