Budget Worries & Yorkshire Venue Help!


My H2B and myself have started to discuss budget and request prices for venue/catering etc. We have some saving plus family have said they would help, we think this may be £10,000 but if we can avoid it would not like to use it all so we can use some for a house deposit (£5000 of this money we have been told we could use on either wedding or house & wedding). We are then hoping to save as much as we can over the next two years.

We have two very different ideas for our big day which we both like and therefore will decide which dependent on budget these are a farm/barn type wedding or castle/stately home (very different i know!). Another issue for budget is i have a rather large family (and cutting out some of my 82 cousins) we are looking at 100 day guests poss. slightly more!

I originally thought the barn wedding would be cheaper but this is looking like this will be £11,000 with venue hire and reception/wedding breakfast but minus decorations/drinks package/evening food/entertainment! Compared to the Castle wedding which we are looking at which includes the hire, exclusive use, pre-ceremony & post rooms, evening food, extra evening guests, wedding ceremony, drinks package we are looking at £15,300 approx. which just seems better value as it is grander it may not need as much decorations!

Does anyone have any budget friendly tips or budget friendly venues in Yorkshire? I was hoping for a cost effective wedding but feel like i am looking at £20,000 + wedding spend with everything :( xx


  • SparkystarSparkystar Posts: 158

    Ok I don't know where you want in Yorkshire as its a big place! However, we're marrying in Leeds and we've found a village hall that holds 300 people for £1000 and we're having a marquee in it for another £1000 and catering for £1200

    it will look like this image 

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    This looks beautiful Starr2Be! We live in the centre of Leeds so have been looking around this area but have ventured out of the centre to find something we love. We are looking at The Normans (outside York), East Riddlesden Hall (Keighley) and Allerton Castle (North Yorkshire but worth it!). There are others on the list but these are currently the front runners!

    I can't get over how much the venue/reception costs! Partly my fault for having such a large family that we have to have a large wedding! Also scary that this is just the start of many stresses over budget but will be worth it when I am a Mrs!

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    That hall is near wetherby :) we looked at east riddlesden hall and didn't get on with the venue! It just didnt wow us and the prices on the bar were extortionate!! Weddings are so expensive!! Its stupid!!

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    We've gone with The Normans, have you visited? It's so beautiful! If you don't have their hire prices I'm happy to send you the info they sent me via email. We are having a BBQ there and are hiring in a crepe stand, the BBQ is £17.50 a head which I thought was really reasonable.

    My friend got married at East Riddlesden and their hire costs are a lot less but you have to use their caterers, she had a wedding for around 120 and had a hog roast - I think their wedding came in at around £16000 for everything (dress, vehicles, food and drink etc).

    Hope that helps!

  • Jasmine21Jasmine21 Posts: 53

    Hi Nozomi, we have not looked at the venue yet currently getting a list together of those we want to visit. Oh how lovely of you, they did send me some information when I emailed but thank you very much. Do you mind if I ask which caterers you are going for? The one I was looking at looked nice but as I said not much cheaper the castle.


    Oh wow, yes definitely helps thank you, I have send emails to the caterers they suggest to get prices, hopefully they will come back soon with quotes.


    Thanks ladies!

  • NozomiNozomi Posts: 161

    We have chosen our own caterers rather than The Normans recommended ones. They're called Big D's BBQ - one of the other venues we went to look at, Applewood Weddings (also gorgeous), recommended them and I'd seen them online before that too so I was pretty much sold. They were also the only people that came back to me with exactly what I wanted rather than trying to up sell everything. 

    The pancake people are called Original Crepes and we are having them as canapes and dessert! 

    Let us know how you get on! 

  • Louise257Louise257 Posts: 3

    Hi Jasmine

    I hope you have sorted your venue and are happy with your location! I got married in a barn in Masham (Hill Top Farm) and it was lovely and on a decent budget so might be worth a look?

    Have you sorted a photographer as yet? Reason I ask, is that I am a semi - professional photography and have just embarked on my business and will be giving away two weddings for 2016/17 for £300 each - this includes pre-shoot and all photos on the day from 9am - first dance. They will all be available in an online album post wedding to print / create an album as you wish.

    Plc check out my website to get an idea of my work - www.louisepollittphotography.com

    Drop me a line on 07773711569 if interested :-)



    L x

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    Not sure where in Yorkshire you are but I got married at The Venue in Halifax - it's a converted mill, large space and they were just spot on. Our wedding package for 95 day and 150 night guests came in at just under £7k and that included DJ, chair covers, photobooth, a 3-option choice menu for all 3 courses, welcome drinks, half a bottle of wine per guest and sparkling wine for the toast... and a hog roast in the evening. That was 2 years ago, don't think the price would be massively more though x



  • Jasmine21Jasmine21 Posts: 53

    Thank you everyone! We went ahead and booked The Normans! Very excited to have a venue now to look at everything else!! Loving the new developments and following them on Twitter and Instagram! Thanks ladies xx

  • NozomiNozomi Posts: 161

    YAY! You went with the Normans :) I can't wait to get married there, I'm in Feb - how about you? It's just sooooo pretty <3 

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    The Normans looks so pretty" I just got engaged a few months ago and am starting on the hunt for something very similar to the post above :) Do you mind me asking roughly how much venue hire is there? The cost of everything scares me! xx

  • NozomiNozomi Posts: 161

    We've paid around £5k for it but we are in the winter (they do a 10% discount in the winter) and got this year's prices because we booked qulite soon after they opened. 

    Basicaly you're looking at between 5-6k roughly, they are really lovely and have a very clear info pack that they send out too with all the prices :) 

    Let me know if you need anymore help!

  • Debbie82Debbie82 Posts: 2

    Thanks so much :) it's so hard knowing where to start xx

  • I'm getting married on 2nd June 2018 so have booked it fairly far in advance but absolutely fell in love and they were really lovely. It is exactly what we wanted, very excited with all the new posts I have seen for The Normans x

  • Hi girls, I have recently looked at The Normans online, does the £5k include food or is that purely just for venue hire? I am looking for something in the style of a barn but we are also trying to keep under the £10,000 mark! I'm still shocked at how expensive everything is! x

  • NozomiNozomi Posts: 161

    It's 5k for venue hire only. It is gorgeous though. I also looked at some national trust properties that were a bit cheaper but still lovely - is East Ridds a possibility?

  • I am paying a little more as I have hired the whole venue and the wedding is not until 2018 so with inflation up goes the price but I absolutely fell in love and cannot wait to get married there! I was also going to suggest east Riddlesden as another alternative, good luck venue hunting xx

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