Catering - How much?? & Yorkshire Caterers

Hello Everyone!

I have my venue booked and have started to turn my attention to caterers. We are not getting married until 2/0/18 but wanted to start getting an idea on what is out there and most importantly how much it is going to cost.

Me and my H2B put together a fairly extensive list of caterers in Yorkshire (happy to share with anyone who would like it) and had a rough budget of £4000. However, they have all started to get back to us and I think I must have been dreaming that it was possible to do all the food on that budget! Does anyone have any suggestions for caterers in Yorkshire and how we could minimise our cost? We are getting married in Bilbrough - 20 mins from York.

(the major problem is we are not having a small wedding as we both have (well me) a large family so looking at 110 for the day just so we can have a handful of close friends!).

Really starting to think I may need to get a bloody second job on top of my full time one to pay for the whole thing!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you xx


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    I'm getting married in Bilbrough too- The Normans? Good choice! 

    So for 110 people you're looking at about £36 each - are you set on a three course sit down meal? I assume this is what uou are having as our catering is an American BBQ and is £18 a head. I would look at different options to the sit down meal as this will bring the cost down. Or you could do two courses and then have cake as the dessert? 

    I didn't get any quotes for a three course meal but sure some of the people on here can share theirs with you. 

  • I don't know about caterers in your area but we had 3 to choose from that the venue uses (very helpful as we didn't have to do research!). One was around £30pp for 3 courses and £8pp for evening BBQ, the middle one was £44pp for 3 courses and £12 for evening and the top end one we didn't even look at! We've gone for the middle one so catering currently coming in around £5500 (ouch!!!). 

    If you don't want the typical 3 course meal it will be cheaper. Caterers have lots of options and remember the evening food is cheaper as you only need to get enough for about 75% of the guests as all day guests have already been fed just a few hours before. 

    I think the average is probably £35-40pp for 3 courses. 

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