Little Lovebird - any discounts?



just wondering if anyone is aware of any discount codes for the little lovebird site? I've seen some lovely dressing gowns perfect for the morning of the wedding, and wanted to order them but as I will be ordering 9 (mum/aunt/nan/me and 5 bms!!!) I wanted to try and get a little bit off as they are £21 each so it's a pretty hefty spend 

Fingers crossed haha :) xx


  • MrsH12MrsH12 Posts: 533 New bride

    I don't have a discount code but I've ordered robes from little lovebird and they are beautiful and great quality.

    I get married on Friday and can't wait to wear mine. 

  • Great to hear thanks for the feedback =] Just hoping I can save a little as also fancy ordering slippers and a few other bits but just cant justify if paying £190 on everyone's gowns :S 


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