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Amateur Wedding Photographer

Firstly congratulations! I remember how excited I was on the run up to my wedding (my wife did all the planning, which left me the time to be excited).

I have recently taken pictures at a few of my friend’s weddings and I loved it. I am an amateur photographer and found presenting a couple with images of their special day probably the most worthy reason to take pictures I’ve found yet.

I am looking to start photographing some weddings in a professional capacity and with that in mind, am offering my services at a reduced rate. If this interests you, I would love to hear from you to discuss options. I am based in Berkshire so bear that in mind as travel will effect my price, however I am willing to, depending on the distance.


Here are some of the images from the weddings I have been to in the past:


I can't wait to hear from you,

Nathan Chapman


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