Losing too much weigh

so I get married on Saturday and I'm losing too much weight. I am already tiny at a size 6 but I've had stomach ache caused by anxiety for the last two weeks and now keep losing more weight. This morning I was 7st6. I am eating but have no appetite and am really struggling. Can anyone advise me as I am so worried my weeding dress will be falling off me!! Thanks x 


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    Hi Katie

    This is what i'm worried about too - i'm happy where I am now and don't to lose any more weight, i'm not trying now but still seem to be losing it!

    Have you tried meal replacement shakes (build up etc) to supplement normal meals? This might help and will be easy on the stomach. It must be hard to force yourself to eat!


  • Hi September Bride! Glad someone else understands! I know it isn't the norm for brides to be to worried about weight LOSS but for me and you by the sounds of it, it's a real issue! I think I am going to get some of those shakes tonight as this is just stupid! I look bony as it is and I know my wedding dress will need constantly pulling up and it will make me feel horrible on the day! Why do our bodies let us down when we need them to help us out?! My fiancé doesn't understand much and keeps asking why I can't just eat more but I feel physically sick! I had two pieces of toasted malt loaf for breakfast and he made me a protein shake with peanut butter which I kept down but I keep needing to go to the toilet (sorry TMI!) so feels like it isn't 'staying put'!!!


    Thanks for your advice! x 

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    If you're not used to protein shakes they can do that - I can't take them as I have a whey intolerance and they make me bloated which isn't ideal!

    Hopefully you'll find something that you can keep down, i'm just over 4 weeks away from our wedding and i'm really worried about dropping any more weight!

  • I only had a protein shake for the first time this morning as my other half shouted at me for not eating properly! Going to buy some build pup shakes from the shops later and force myself to drink them!!

    At least you have a while to try and gain/maintain weight.. I have 3 days!!! Fingers crossed all will be ok for us both but this wedding mullarkey is alot harder than I thought!!

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